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selectsistem  14/03/2011
Font of album Living Proof by Cher
Manniquinette  18/07/2011
I really want this font for my band and wondered if the author could contact me, thanks. Ren
Sui Anukka  12/02/2012
Hi, I have downloaded this font and been using it on a logo on my website. Just wanted to check re. permissions for use. Please could you contact me about this. Thanks, Sui
kaianni  23/09/2012
I was also wondering about permissions, this font brings up a warning in Illustrator that it cannot be embedded. Is there a license for this one? Thanks, kaianni
leesax2003  11/12/2012
Im getting the same warnings in illustrator. pls can author contact me re purchasing this font for commercial use.
Paper Panda  10/01/2013
I would also like to use it commercially. Please can the author contact me?
Samuraiko  05/09/2013
Also would like to use this font commercially - please contact me about this!
lynnt4009  11/12/2013
I would like to use this font for my business. Please contact me.
rebelliousvalkyrie  01/07/2015
Would love if the author of this font contacted me. I would like to use it for commercial use for a cover Im commissioning, but would like to know what steps to take to use your font =)
andrea_noack  04/11/2016
i like to use it too, for commercial, please contact me, thanks
Boyonajetski  27/03/2017
I would also like to use for commercial purposes this month. Can the author please get in touch with me?
fegefeuer  25/04/2017
Hello, I want to know about the permissions. I want to use it for an educative blog, not commercial use so maybe there won't be any problem, but still want to be sure.
darienk  24/09/2017
Is it ok if i use the font for the title of my web comic?
hello_moonbow  15/03/2018
Hello! I'm also wondering what the permissions are! thank you!
finishedwithlove  16/03/2018
Hello, I would love to use this for my business can you please contact me. Thank you.
harli11  19/05/2018
Hello i want to use this font for book cover i am ready to donate . Please contact with me !
hello_moonbow  03/08/2018
has anyone heard back from the author?
odnid  16/10/2018
Hello. i used this for a logo for my client is this free for commercial use?
Please contact me, we would like to use this font for a company logo and was wondering about permissions. Thanks! Need to know ASAP please
Tdosage  15/11/2018
Please contact me. I have a client that would like to use this font commercially. Need to know asap. Thanks!
r.deric  04/12/2018
Hello, i want to use this font for a logo, Please contact me !
Has anyone heard back from the author?
Is this free for commercial use?

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