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disneymelody  12/12/2009
kewhan  26/03/2010
I really like this font and I wanted to know is available for use for Magazine publishers??
Mohammad Musharraf  20/06/2010
I Love This Font Nice Looking...I Love You
ahmedwassim  29/06/2010
love<3  11/08/2010
cool font dabomb!(:
卢卡卢拉  19/03/2011
amazing I like thank you
onejesskoffman  15/05/2011
You are a wonderful typographer + artist. Any chance a thicker weight of this beautiful one is in the works?
Broken_Candy_Cane  26/05/2011
So sad.. no punctuation...
Acid1.KO5  24/06/2011
ten font mi się podoba, całkiem oryginalny
blizzardwhispers  23/08/2011
I really love this font! Wow, I wish I could do things like this.
bek76  25/01/2012
Can you please let me know how much to use this font in a logo or business card for my neice?
dibbs  09/02/2012
I would like to use this font for a menu. Can you please give me a price - thanks
JennScript  13/02/2012
this font is amazing!!! is there any way that you could make one with a cool M and J? thanks:)
green_star  16/04/2012
Omg these are all amzaing i wish knew how to make fonts!!!
tweet58  30/12/2012
Can I use this font as a logo for my company? How much will this be?
Marinou123  02/02/2013
Can I use this font as a logo for a compagny ? How much will this be?
Sarahb44  11/03/2013
Is there any way to get this in a bold more space apart option? I really love this font! :)
demerara  22/07/2013
This is a great font! Can I use it for commercial use? I'm happy to make a donation. Please let me know.
This font is really beautiful. Will it be possible to ad the danish letter 'æ'? And what is the price if I use this font in the logo for my new company? Looking forward to hear from you :)
JBRave86  11/12/2018
Can i use this font to the logo for an manga book title???

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