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kalie525  11/03/2007
so close to being exactly like my handwriting, one letter off..the "p"
Ideal-Imagination-x  07/07/2007
That's Such An Awesome Font.
So Beautiful And Orginal. Extrememly Great Job!
--PAiiGE  21/07/2007
brill =D
Lauren-Babes-x  31/07/2007
Wickedd ! =]
Lauren-Babes-x  02/08/2007
Heyyy How Do Yu Change The colour Of Font??
weetashaehm  16/09/2007
how dooh yooh get learning curve dashed ?? x

cause im puzzled x

it wont let me download it x

or does anyone know what other font i can use ?? x

tah x

comment bak please x

tasha x
sarefe  25/09/2007
loved it
Georgiiia  29/09/2007
Very cool font,, one commonly used on bebo to make skins,, so i thought i might just try it,, and it's wonderful!!
dawonjj  13/10/2007
It is very cool!
fashion_empire  21/10/2007
I love this font. Very cute.
Lornamac  11/12/2007
Great Font xx Georgiiia Is Right Its Used On Bebo Skins ALOT!! I Use It On Mines xx :D
f0ntjunki3  10/04/2008
Nice font, thanks. Very well designed.
Daniee2oo8  11/04/2008
Hi I Like This Font Check My Bebo << Check Tha Skins =]
DominiCubanGirl  23/04/2008
This Is A Cute Font
girlwithattitude  24/06/2008
how do i use it for adobe photoshop 7.0 i'm trying to but it's not working
breannak  25/06/2008
He's the center of my world.
My other half.
I could not ask for more.
Amalia P  03/07/2008
I like it — really pretty and good-looking
cimofj2  29/12/2008
I have tried to download the ZIP file for these fonts, but it keeps finishing too fast and I get a message saying the ZIP file is invalid.
I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and have successfully downloaded several other fonts.
23issues  07/10/2009
Blah, blah, blah... PCs are rubbish. That's why.

Lovely font though.
JudasHagen  14/07/2010
Busque mucho esta fuente .. gracias !
Look much this font .. thanks!
f6oom  14/02/2011
fontsarecool  17/03/2013
Can this font be used commercially?
kcheesman  06/02/2014
I have the same question. Can this font be used or purchased for commercial use? Thanks!
domingos  24/06/2014
quant joufre le zip ca me mai imprimer et pas instaler
lbelisle  07/10/2015

Can a teacher use the this font to produce a document for its students in the classroom ?

Thank you in advance for your reply,

bb81  04/05/2016
Hi! I have a question. Can this font be used or purchased for commercial use? Thanks! Barbara
maylisp  17/02/2017
Same question Can this font be used or purchased for commercial use?
catecatecate  27/04/2018
Such a lovely font, and I love the dashed version! Thank you so much, now I can make practice sheets for my kids!
fcamaret  25/11/2018
Nice FOnt!!!

Same question.
Can this font be purchased for commercial use?
ko714mfs  25/01/2019
Hello.Please answer my question..
Can this font be used or purchased for commercial use?
I want your message. Thank you.
Wytchcraft  05/03/2019
It says you can use it for personal or commercial use here :) you can also download it from the same site.
bluevinylfonts  autor de Learning Curve BV   17/02/2021
Yes, you can use this for commercial use. My terms of use are here:
Also, check out my latest freeware fonts here:
- Jess Latham
Sunkai Jaya Stempel  19/04/2021
Good Font

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