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MAR DE COPAS  27/01/2009
sarahsorria  10/10/2009
eeeeeeeee adoroooooo linda ahuul viva ao habbo
Emmahaswords  08/09/2010
It looks a bit off for it to be habbo, but pretty good. :)
habbohater  09/06/2011
Habbo is a absouloutly discusting website sexual rasism and bad langauge
I'm 13 and I was playing habbo when I was 11 I don't play it anymore I spent about 50 pounds on my habbo credits and now lost password to my habbo and my sister can't get in because there's a password and I don't know what it it :/ I was asked my msn and habbo gave it out I had to speak to a police officer because a 17 year old was trying to seduce me I now get bullied because of it so let's just say its ruined my chilhood I get called realy mean names I'm scarred for life and never get on with boys like I used to and I'm now not allowed on social networking till I'm 14 so thanks a blooming lot habbo! You've ruined my life
Mr. Dude  14/02/2020
Pool's Closed

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