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Menhir  09/10/2007
Police élégante, claire, avec de la personnalité et pourtant légère (optimisée). C'est rare de trouver cette qualité dans mes polices de style cursif.
Ankhorite  23/10/2007
I like it! A more legible and even feminine hand than most handwriting fonts. Thanks to Jellyka for making the font, and making it free.
~Zooyork~  25/10/2007
yeah its an awsome font,
i have a question
if you have nexopia, are you alowed to use the fonts on your page, if so how?
kinziekitty  26/10/2007
I loved this font-so much that I used it as the font for my back tattoo. Thanks so much-will remember it forever :)
thats the tattoo
jey  autor de Ellianarelle's Path   29/10/2007
Merci beaucoup ! Ça demande un travail très différent que le simple scan de lettres, c'est bon de savoir que certaines personnes s'en rendent compte | Merci beaucoup, vraiment :P

You are welcome ! I love to share my work, I'm very glad you like it ^^

I didn't understand your question, I made a little search, and nexopia seems to be a meeting site, which is not mine... What did you mean ? ( I don't speak english usually, I may have misunderstood ;-)

Wow ! O.o
I was not expecting that ! But I'm really happy you like it that much !

Hehe, you copied and pasted this comment on my two fonts... and your site don't even seems to be opened !
I'm not against publicity, no, no, no, without publicity, television, radio, and even the most of the websites on the net would not be able to survive, but you're leading me to a page with a sheep ( I think I can say a Cute Sheep :P ) in a field, with "coming soon" in <title>...
I have nothing to add, I'll return to re-check it later :P
killercup  21/02/2009
Thank you so much for this awesome font! It looks a bit like my own handwriting! :)

Would you allow me to embed this font into my website? (Using
molopez79  04/06/2009
This is a great font, thanks for sharing! Would it be ok if I used it on my website as the banner/logo? (I haven't made the banner until I get your permision). Thank you.

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