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jaheem  01/07/2008
love this font. Is it available to use for company logo? How can i purchase it?
dominique_0907  23/04/2010
We appreciate this font and we want use it for a commercial work.
Could you inform us about the process
Best regards
FlackyVince  17/11/2010
Beautiful Font. I want to use this font for a commercial work. Could you inform me about the process?

J'aime cette typo et je souhaiterai l'utiliser comercialement. Comment faire ?
johey  08/12/2010
Nice font! I'm using it alot in Polish class. :) Thanks!
ljw22  18/07/2011

I really like your font and we currently need something very similar for a campaign we're running. Would you consider tweaking the font to suit are requirements and how much would you charge for a job like this? The changes should be relatively small. please reply to my comment and we can talk over email.

jackiec522  18/07/2011
Is this font available for purchase for company logo?

I am very interested, thank you
Meaghan_Oliver  31/10/2012
I am currently working on my first book and i would like to use your font on the cover can i use it?
Can I use it for a commercial work?
beatapych  17/02/2013
hi, is there any way possible to contact the author personally (private message at least) ?

all the best.
kareenarc  26/02/2013
Can someone contact me with details on how to contact the author of this font please. If is regarding commercial use.
Many thanks
Sabs  19/03/2013
Hi, we want to use this font for a commercial work.
Could you inform me about the process?

Daniela30  14/05/2013
Please inform me the cost if I want to use this font
Thank you
lorettaed  17/01/2014
Can you please let me know how we can purchase this font for commercial usage.
r4f  13/03/2014
Hi Folks!
Apparently one can use the font for commercial purposes.
See here the license:
The most interesting part:
The fonts on this site are freeware and can be used as they are in any context without permission from Apostrophic Laboratories, except to produce material that is racist, criminal and/or illegal in nature.
lissssss  04/01/2015
Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m a member of a german pupil's magazine. It’s my exercise to make the layout of the magazine. Your font wich I found on ‚‘ has the perfect style for our little unprofessional pupil’s magazine. With this comment I want to inform you about the use of your font in commercial. Hope we have your acceptance. Please inform me

Kind regards,
vioben  03/03/2015
I appreciate this font and I would like use it for a commercial work : a logo for a lttle compagny.
Is that possible ?
Best regards
Lia_euna  11/05/2020
Hello, can I use that font for commercial purposes?
Please send confirmation to
Thanks a lot.
suchida aj  20/02/2022
Hello, can I use this font Desyrel for commercial purposes?
Please send confirmation to


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