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raveo  17/04/2006
It's a good font. this font is good for websites that are doing graphics as a main choice etc, and the font is very striking. it must be used by loads of people. good job, i think there should be more fonts like this one.
vinz  autor de Defused   12/06/2006
Thanks for the comment ! it's great to have some positive feedback ;)
artgraf  10/07/2006
Well nice one i've wrote you this message 'cause i wanna to ask if you dont mind that i use this font on my intro page for my new site?! And very nice defused love this one ;)
vinz  autor de Defused   13/07/2006
go on ! no problem ;)
Gamaozeiro  18/11/2006
Hello vinz,
Very nice font
I need the font u used to make "defused", could u tell me?
fxwiz9  20/12/2006
Hi Vinz, I really like this font, I am starting a theatrical prosthetics company.. think cutting edge fx items for Halloween. One of my product package design has your font in it. I wanted to make sure you were ok with that and to get your permission to use it. Here is my email address....
look forward to speaking with you and I can also send you a link to view my work and what I do..

Sersery  15/12/2007
i love this font.
very good job.
its my logo check this out: http:://
Atticus  22/12/2007
font is amazing..pls i want an official font band name and i want you to make it for me pls man cause this font is cool =] if its all ok add me on will be very help full
BLaZiNsNiPeR  01/08/2008
hi vinz, i do signatures/backgrounds for youtube and was wondering if i told you what to type in fir Defused you would send it me like in the "custom preview" thing ty
asherz  18/04/2009
Hi Vinz,

I love this font, and just wanted to check with you first if it is ok to use this in a buisness card design? If you could contact me I would apreciate
Sparrow_Hawk  22/04/2009
Hi Vinz--this font is so moody and unique--kinda distressed. I'd like to use it for a CD my husband is playing on-a small run will be printed. May I have your permission to use it? Thanks so much.
starsky303  14/07/2009
Hi Vinz - wicked font - can you tell what font you used to make 'Defused'?
RobFlips  29/07/2009
Hey Vinz, awesome font! Very nice! I was wondering if I could have permission to use this on one of our clothing companys shirts.
Thanks :)
tilo1326  13/08/2009
I love this font! I was looking for ideas online for class shirts and I happened to fall upon this green shirt with this font down the shirt. I couldnt find anywhere on the website what it was. So my friend told me about this website and said it will mostlikely be here. Im so glad i found it. Its so awesome!
tilo1326  13/08/2009
also wondering since i found it if i could use it on my shirt?!
xDriZZle  18/08/2009
Yo this font is sick im making a clan logo in photoshop and it looks really good so far ty for the font!
star1987  23/08/2009
how can i put this font on my iPhone? I want only the nummbers for the LockClock.

pls help me out.

mail me :
Xa  02/01/2010
Hey Vinz, this font is sick as man! lol i totally dig it. I was wondering if you would allow me to use this font for Our New Band "Dominant Intensity" Thanks so much, Happy new year and Sweet job!
Please email me at
cheers man,
Expressions  20/01/2010
Get "Invalid Archive File" when I attempt to open it with Vista, ZipGenius6 or Stuffit Expander using several different machines.
stunvn  04/02/2010
good job man ! This is what i'm looking for.

zon06  29/05/2010
Hi !!!! First i want to say "Very Nice Font!!!"
I would like to use it for my logo. Would allow me to use it?
You can answer me at
Thank you,
Laure (sorry for my poor english but i'm french...)
yesnovato  05/10/2010
Thank you
PreMeuMz  14/10/2010
Gears of war haha Also this was ripped by some kid pawning it of saying its jacinto sans lol
vinz  autor de Defused   14/10/2010
O_o Gears of war ? Why are you talking of gears of war ??
Demtaro  23/10/2010
This is really good font. I use it for making logos.
wmneo424  11/01/2011
hi vinz! i'm getting a college and career retreat together for the louisiana church of the nazarene, and i was wondering if i could use this font in the logo for the retreat.
CaetanoSilva  19/01/2011
Hi Vinz, I'm working on the logo for a gaming tournament. I'm wondering if I can use your font for it. Please let me know.

mmcxii  27/01/2011
Sup Vinz, i was wondering if i am able to use this font as a title screen for an animation i'm making?
canonselphycp400  27/05/2011
Nice font! Is it based on Bank Gothic Medium?
redman77  31/05/2011
I was wondering if i could use this font on a Club shirt for my school.
youngbiggie123  14/07/2011
hey i was wondering can i use this font its pretty cool .. email
oussama34  12/10/2011
NicE & Good JoB man
Mloc  12/03/2012
I`ve looked in the FAQ prior to posting, now what do I do?

My feelings on this font would be good..if I could download it :)
vinz  autor de Defused   12/03/2012
click the download button, on the right of the example text
greskac  28/03/2012
Please create Srbian Cyrllic Defused font..
Danielle_T  23/04/2012
Hi i love this font, some work i sell and some i dont i dont make much money :( (yet lol) would love if i was able to use this for commercial purposes please let me know your thought on this at
jallison24  31/07/2012
Hi Vinz. I've created a comic book which will be going to print in a few weeks and would love to use this font for the title/logo. Please message me on FB so that I can make whatever arrangements I need to make. Thanks! Here's a link to the cover with your font used for the title! Love it!
Grateful  07/09/2012
Hello! I love this font - very cool! I am starting an eco-friendly athletic apparel and accessories business and would love to use this for one of my shirts. I am unfamiliar with this process, and I honor you as the author. Can you help?
vinz  autor de Defused   09/09/2012
Hi, for commercial use, you can purchase the font here :
pig_90  12/09/2012
Hello, I find your font very beautiful to fit into my school's jersey design. Is it okay if I use your font?

Let me know what you think, my email is
henryaj  17/02/2013
amazing font. Thanks for sharing.
I will use this font to design for my site
gitoffame  18/01/2014
I really like this font, but I need a clean version. Does one exist?
gitoffame  18/01/2014
Acens is pretty close, but a little thin...
jmoreau  01/04/2014
Hi Vinz,
I'd like to use this font for a new product that I'm trying to roll out. I was wondering if you could help customize it for our needs and I could pay you a few bucks for the permission and help.
czerwinskij  01/03/2015
I'd like to purchase your font in US dollars. What is the cost for the full download? Please send me a link to make the purchase in English.
vinz  autor de Defused   02/03/2015
Hi, for commercial use, you can purchase the font here : Paypal will make the euro > dollar conversion for you ;)
kitthekitty  16/04/2015
If I purchase the font on reticula, am I allowed to use it on a t-shirt for my graduating class? (around 200 t-shirts)
vinz  autor de Defused   16/04/2015
yes, of course :)
Ramzy  20/08/2015
Amazing font buddy, thanks a lot :)
Starkey  12/12/2015
It might be a long shot but could I use your font for my Youtube channel banner if I leave a link to your font in the channel description?
brotherBvideos  16/04/2016
Hi everyone, I love this font, I've used it for years. I believe the original font used to create Defused is called "Eurostile Next Pro Extended Bold". Thanks again Vinz. =)
Jam  27/02/2017
Hello! I like a lot this font
Can I use it to make an icon for a Twitch chat?
Zamvel  21/12/2017
Hello Vinz,

I am starting a t-shirt business and I found your font amazing, it matches 100% my ideas, I am wondering how can I get your permission to use them , my email.
Amazing job!
solumath  06/09/2018
Hello Vinz,
is there a update where this font could be used with special characters like č,š,ž,ř,ě etc...
i mean Czech language... it used to work but now not
thanks in advance
armyguy3682003  15/03/2019
Hello Vinz:

I like the font you created. I would like to use it for a military social media ad. I can send you the design if you want to see it. I am requesting to use the font for the design. Thanks Brian
vinz  autor de Defused   01/04/2019
Thanks, I'm glad the font suits your needs ;) Sure, send me your design. I love to see the font in action !

For commercial and /or professionnal use, please buy a PRO license
Elond  28/05/2020
i dont know why,but this font give me lag while using on Photoshop :(
shiiitt hahaha

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