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GemmaPetherbridge  28/08/2010
Can this font be used for commercial use? I have tried to contact you via email but I could not find your website information.
RiceJesus  04/10/2010
One of my favourite fonts, thank you.
lkruger  18/05/2011
Question was never answered. This says its a free font, can we use this for commercial use and use on a online design tool? Please get back to me ASAP. Also if this font is approved, is this true for all fonts by Apostrophic Labs?

Thanks so much! Your work is amazing!
ricemama  30/07/2011
My favourite font by far. Thanks!
gigantico  25/09/2011
I have given $10 to Network for Good's Japan Quake & Tsunami Relief Fund. If it's OK with you, I'm using this font commercially as body text. Please tell me if you have any issues with this.
tykes123  17/03/2012
thank you for the font. I am using this for my church's new website design. I like how you showed the development and historical use of this font. Very informative and useful.
opinedesign  25/10/2013
For those wondering about using the font for commercial use, I found this information on the font creator's website:
Rabi17  12/12/2017
Can i use this font for commercial logo?
Please contact me

Thank You
flowermoment  27/03/2018
can I use this font for commercial purposes? (for poster)

please contact me

Thank you.
Rolls&Sun  05/06/2020

Excuse me, can I use it for commercial use?
I have a project and i want to use it for
my commercial brand name, and i want product clothes,cap,,etc (make money)

I will wait for your opinion.

Thanks you.
fauziiyyaah  05/06/2020

Excuse me, can i use this font for commercial logo?

Please contact me,

Thank You..
orceceww  15/06/2020
hi can i use this for my logo? please let me know thru an email
parkyunkyun  26/06/2020
I like this font. ))
Can i use this font for commercial package design?
Please contact me or

Thank You!
Waterpatterns  30/06/2020
Hello, can I use this font for commercial use?
Please let me know.
I really like this font.

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