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Chasing Embers

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kieran_lithgow  22/10/2015
This font is absolutely stunning! Definitely my new favourite. I registered to DaFont just so I could comment on this! Love your work!!
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   22/10/2015
I seldom reply to comments. But Thank You Kieran! Enjoy!
amccown  26/10/2015
I love this font so much! However, I was unable to print it. Is that function disabled?
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   26/10/2015
Hi. It's fully printable on paper. What program did you used? Also try saving your file as JPEG before printing it for personal use.
Knxsnts  30/10/2015
I cant download it :( why i am so sad
PcYaiza  01/11/2015
Like ^^
four78  05/11/2015
Hi there, can U make this font with accents, I would like to use it. But need accents. Can U please contact me at ASAP Thanks...
Miitchi  06/11/2015
This font is sweet! I might use it all the time ahahahaha ahah aha!
jessicadixon  10/11/2015
I love love love this font but would love love love this font to be available in more bold also ;)
Seb-bonjour  11/11/2015
awesome, thank you !
baron_holmes  13/11/2015
is this free for commercial use?
Zaid  17/11/2015
What are the options for use for a niche clothing line?
Zaid  17/11/2015
Nevermind. Saw your sellfy page. Thank you! This font is absolutely stunning.
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   17/11/2015
Yeah. Thanks everyone!
niameless  17/11/2015
Beautiful font ^^
bs4kanish  29/01/2016
hi, great font. I guess this is perfect example of creativity never ends, BTW, I was going to purchase the full package, but I don't have a paypal account to make the transaction. I'm from Australia.
bs4kanish  29/01/2016
i can make a donation to that amount if you could send me the files.
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   30/01/2016
Hi there. Thank you for the kind words.
Please email me through
Thank you.
Slaykei  31/01/2016
Hi I really really like this font . This is awesome font , I used it for my school projects ( I'm going in art high school , graphic design)and I got awesome grades . Thanks for sharing this font with us ! If you want I could mail you a picture :D .
MarianaHJaimes  26/02/2016
Hi! i'm new here and in the "fonts world" so i don't now what means exactly "Personal and Non-Profit Use Only" (*shame on me*) Means that i can't use this font in a header of my blog? or in images for my blog? I would greatly appreciate you to tell me that ... I love your source! It's perfect.
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   01/03/2016
Hi Slaykei,

Please send me the pictures i would love to see that.

Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   01/03/2016
Hey Mariana,

If you gain profit or has Google Adsense on your blog then you might need to purchase the Commercial Use license.

hannahwhitmore  03/04/2016
Hi, I'm new to the fonts world and have used your font for my logo then its just been pointed out that I may need to purchase for commercial use. Please can you let me know how much in £ to use this font.
delanijoy  25/05/2016
Hi there. I'd like more information on how to purchase the commercial use license. Please get back to me ASAP, Branded Quotes! Thanks!
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   25/05/2016
Hey. You can purchase the commercial use license here:
which also includes the full version of Chasing Embers. Thanks!
Fonts 4 u  27/10/2016
Gosh I'm in love with this font!😍
Natolee211  15/05/2017
Absolutely beautiful, thank you!
Malfa syakira  01/07/2017
It's sad that i can't download this😔
Alexa02  07/08/2017
This is an amazing font, it has really caught my eye. Your work on this font is incredible, great job on making Chasing Embers. It is now my favourite font, Thanks for taking the time and effort to create this masterpiece! (:
Blá Blá Blá  30/03/2018
Oi!Eu sou escritora e gostaria de utilizar esta fonte para criar as minhas capas.Eu não recebo nada monetariamente pelos meus livros.Então poderia utilizar a fonte de forma gratuita?
Fortress Tech  28/07/2018
Xx_C10udy_xX  21/05/2020
So I downloaded the font but when I opened the app I'm using it didn't work? It's supposed to work with phonto but it won't. Pease help
seendzdnwm  14/06/2020
hello author! such a great font 😭 i registered phonto to ask permission. can i use your font for online reunion invitation? thank youuu 😊
revevluviess  07/08/2020
Hi author! Thank you so much for this font, may I use it for non-commercial youtube use?
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   07/08/2020
Yes go ahead.
xoxoyazyxoxo  17/10/2020
I was able to make it look like it does in the photo once, but I have no idea how I did it so I can't replicate it. Could I please have some assistance?
Branded Quotes  autor de Chasing Embers   19/10/2020
Try resizing the font or put in another part background.
You can also change the opacity of the font.
XOXOXOXOX  04/01/2021
Hi author I really like this font of yours. Is it okay if I use it for my logo or if not, it's okay.
Cardonayulieth  14/04/2021
Hola autor, me gustaría saber si tengo que comprar la licencia para usar esta fuente en YouTube

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