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nadyia  23/02/2011
im trying to print it out but its not letting me its only showing half :(
deanna_k  21/03/2011
do you have to purchase the full version to get an "a" that matches the rest of the font? for some reason it's all the same, except the "a" is an outline, whereas the rest of the letters have a solid fill.
weeedaaa  22/03/2011
Nice writing but it wont download on my phone. Smh cuz I want it bad
LooneyTunerIan  26/03/2011
Can you make a That's all Folks! font?
mstopa  28/03/2011
Love the font but something is wrong with the "a".
atrionfo1  27/04/2011
Gorgeous font. Is there a way to get a full version that contains numbers? I can't seem to make them work... Thanks!
calco_2005  autor de Callie Hand   07/05/2011
There is a full version! With all of the numbers, special characters, and foreign marks. With a $20 donation, you can get the Full Version and the Commercial License!
gammafont  21/03/2012
@calco 2005- $20? Are you aware we're in the middle of a global recession and a vast amount of people can't afford $20 to spend on food, let alone a font on a website? I have no problem with buying things online, but when someone starts charging ridiculous amounts of money for something which should be free in the first place it really makes me mad. People are being ripped off and they are too afraid to stand up and say no more because people like you put money ahead of human decency. Show some humanity and put the damn font on the site for free like other people do and quit being so greedy
frd  22/03/2012
@gammafont. Are you crazy or what ? Do you even have the slightest idea about how much time and effort it takes to create a font ??? Have you even been reading the author's message ?? $20 is being asked for a COMMERCIAL LICENSE so it means when someone will be making MONEY while using the font. $20 is absolutely honest, and the author could have been asking for much more. You should be THANKFUL to authors who spend an incredible amount of time to provide very good fonts for free here.

The world isn't going crazy because of fonts' author, but because of people like you who don't read messages carefully and answer stupid things. No switch off your computer and get a life.
koeiekat  29/03/2012
If this were an original font design you would be right. But you know by now it isn't!
koeiekat  29/03/2012
The G, I, T, a, c, d, e, f, g, h, l, n, o and t are from Liorah BT.

The b, i, r, s, u, and v are dangerously close to Liorah BT.

And the j is too close for comfort to BixAntiqueScriptHmk.
DoggieDave  13/01/2013
If you don't like a price then don't buy the product. It's that simple.
nicola burgun  04/12/2013
Hi, I'd like to use this font for commercial usage and get the full version. So I just need to donate $20, which is fine but how will I then get the full version etc (not had to do this before so a bit unsure) Thanks :)
AlexDarcy  17/03/2014
Hi, just donated $20, will be looking for your email. Thanks.
Cyrillus  27/05/2014

donated last week on the 21th may, and still waiting for the font, can you send it by mail or give me a link to download ?
thank you in advance,
rmck4  05/09/2014
Callie, I donated $20 in June. Still have not received the font in it's entirety. I emailed you in July about this and now I am trying to contact you again. Please can I have the whole font? Or can I have my $20 back? Thanks.
syndctd  06/01/2015

Is this font still available for Full Download. I am interested.

Please let me know, Thanks
aolfelt  17/01/2015
THIS IS A RIP-OFF FONT. It is nearly identical to Liorah font, easily found for free. Do not donate!
loeil  25/06/2015
I bought this font yesterday for a customer and i got a mistake i must resolve quickly in order to give the print file for a wine project.
There is a mistake i can't describe when i write in capital the "M" letter, another one "M" appears in a ghost line 4 lines before...?!
People who also bought this font, did you already get this problem before ?! I'm really disappointed for buying something and get troubles after !
(I wrote an email to the author but got a message return "not at the office for the end of the week"...)
JCutler  13/08/2015
aolfelt -- Thanks for the heads-up -- if this is not a deliberate RIP-OFF, it sure is sloppy work. Lots of things don't work in AutoCAD (also see comments by other folks about other bugs).

Unfortunately, I already donated $3 when I downloaded.

Thanks for the tip: Liroah is very nearly identical, is free, and works... There are only minor differences (like capital "F").
calco_2005  autor de Callie Hand   13/10/2020
Hey everyone! As of Oct 2020, this is still an active font. You can email me at if you have questions!
tandersb  03/12/2020
Has anyone actually received a commercial license for this font?

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