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agustinluisbou92  06/01/2009
Esta es la fuente de los famosos.
logo  28/05/2011
this is a good font and nice font
mianakitty  09/10/2011
It's so cute, and I've been using it for years... Thank you for making it Free for all purposes.. Thank you very much... :D
asmathahira  09/03/2013
wow, it looks soo fashionable!
cherrycast  23/07/2013
This is perfect for Hollywood things thanks for postin
deepakds  31/03/2014
Thank you very much for making it a free font. Its a good one.
kasey.morton223  25/09/2014
Very Fancy & reto Which is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
tulip80  18/11/2014
Really gorgeous font. Great that's free!
missmindy  04/06/2015
Hi there, can this font be used for commercial purposes?
typodermic  autor de Budmo   04/06/2015
Yes, all my fonts can be used for commercial use.
nunnard  13/07/2015
Can I use this font in a YouTube video? Great job with it, by the way!
typodermic  autor de Budmo   15/07/2015
Thank you! Yes, it can be used in videos.
Usuário excluído 895104  20/01/2016
Hello, I have a couple of questions... First, I want to use this font for wedding invitations. Will I be able to change the background colors and the light bulb colors? Second, What size would be the best to use for this purpose?
typodermic  autor de Budmo   24/01/2016
You can scale it to any size you like. If you want to use the free version with colors, you'll have to manually color that shapes in a graphics application. However, you can also purchase separate layers which can be overlaid in different colors.
fontmastaflex  14/09/2016
HI ! great font ! could i use it for commercial purposes please ?
typodermic  autor de Budmo   14/09/2016
Yes, all my fonts can be used for commercial use.

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