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poucinelle  20/09/2006
Very original ! J'aime beaucoup !
criscriscris  30/09/2006
beautiful! How can we contact you directly?
criscriscris  30/09/2006
please add a link, i'd like to use your font for commercial purposes
snicolini  21/02/2007
I would like to use your font for a small commercial project. Please advise on how we may do that.
Da-bling-font-girl  19/03/2007
i thought this 1 was really cool! i know how to make fonts but.... im trying to make something like yours but more!!! curly lol anyways good job, also i dont have the font added yet. anyways i've told 11 friends, and 2 siblings about this text they all downloaded it they wanted to leave comments but, they just let you know through mine cuz they dont have accounts. they dont like signing up for things without parental supervision and they're parents are druggies and never around, lol pretty sad,, im talk'n about my friends. lol anyways yeah dawg im black ...p'O{PU*&TYU^ means love ya bitchy see ya later fonty lover~~!

Sign,,,>>>> Da-bling-font-girl.
princessfafa10  12/12/2007
Beatiful. It is very Catchy I should say and I love the way you curled it and ilted the letters!
Great job! Keep it up!
princessfafa10  12/12/2007
sorry messed up Tilted the letters
love the font
Alex248  24/01/2008
Hello! Could you please tell me the licensing information for this font? I love it ...
loosehounds  30/01/2008
How do I use this font for commercial purposes?
SpudNik  25/05/2008
Can't find licensing information anywhere. Please let me know how to license Boingo for commercial use. From the comments above, looks like several people could use the same information.
sewfine5  26/05/2008
I have downloaded this to my pc, but cannot get the font to show up in any of my programs I want to use it in. It is listed in my font folder. Anyone out there that might can help me with this? Also, I'd like some licensing info on this particular font.
onesource7  08/06/2008
Simple, clean & creative.
I also would like to use for commercial use. When you have an opportunity please contact me.
Thanks & keep up the great work!
koei  12/08/2008
For all that wanted a commercial license, why not go for the original: PaisleyICG-02?
quish10  14/08/2009
I love this font a lot and would like to use it for my clothing line. Can you please send me licensing info? Thank you!
echt  25/08/2009
hello - I would like to use it for commercial use too. Can I get licensing info? Thanks in advance
lola31  10/01/2010
Bonjour! Je souhaiterai utiliser votre police boingo pour la marque de ma future entreprise. Je souhaite par ailleurs déposer ma marque auprès de l'inpi. Faut-il disposer d'une licence? M'autorisez-vous à l'employer à des fins commerciales? Je vous remercie par avance de votre réponse écrite à l'adresse mail mentionnée. URGENT!!!
moo71  16/05/2011
Hello - I would like to use it for a small commercial use too. Can you please send me licensing info? Thank you!
disneyflower23  03/06/2011
Hello - I also would like to use your font for a small commercial use. I would appreciate your licensing info. Thank you!
grayscie  16/01/2012
hi! i want to use the font for commercial purposes as well. how can i pay for it?
fonto  11/05/2012
Hi, can i use your font for a book cover? I need to know asap? Thanks
Brand Sunrise  22/02/2013
I need the User Agreement License for "Boingo" we would like to use this font for everything: commercially, web & personally.
If you could please send this to me at it would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.
Olliefont  16/07/2013
hi! i want to use the font for commercial purposes as well. how can i pay for it?
Thank you in advance.
cezab  29/10/2013
Bonjour,m'autorisez vous a utiliser cette police et/ou Black Rose pour le logo de ma futur entreprise ? Merci de me répondre.
scorpiox55  06/02/2014
Would also like to use for commercial purposes.
Fiut  13/02/2014
Nice font! Can you please send me to how can I use it commercially?
adst  23/09/2014
Hello, may I use this font in a commercial purpose?
Hermosa_Tabby  29/12/2014
I really really like this font. It's one of the most artistic fonts that has all the special characters. I like to create fun stuff in GIMP and photoshop, but even better is when I can spruce up my workstation and make it unique.
My only gripe is the fontsize number to size ratio is very small. I have to turn it up to 20+ to make it readable against other fonts at 12. Is it possible to resize this font? Some programs only allow a universal font size (like firefox)and it means reading massive letters in monospace or reading this font as tiny unreadable squiggles. If this font was resized, it may be worth sending it to Microsoft to see if they will add it to their default installations. It is good enough and universal when it is sized.
Hermosa_Tabby  29/12/2014
When I mean resize, I mean make this font seem like 20 at the number 12. I do not mean changing an application setting to interpret the font size. Actually resizing the font itself is what I am after.
Hermosa_Tabby  30/12/2014
I managed to fix it with type light. The EM unit size changes font size. I changed it from 1000 to 800 to create a size equivalent to times new roman and named it Boingo Mid, and then from 1000 to 500 to create a readability font that is easy on the eyes called Boingo big (had to change the name with the program, and not just the file to show up right.) So far seems like no line collisions or clipping with the glyphs, so I think I got it sorted.
2artzee  03/03/2015
How can I purchase a commercial license? Need for a project asap. Many thanks!
rcrewe  27/07/2015
I would like to use your font for my book can you please send me the info I need to purchase the commercial license
Martist123  25/05/2021
How can I buy a commercial license for this font? It s a logo for a small business. For B cards, labels and website. Please email me at
Isadexfor  12/03/2022
Hi, nice font! How can I use it for an application?

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