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1620  09/05/2011
great font!really like it!
kiri-r  23/05/2011
Hi, is this font free for commercial use?
CurtisMack  autor de Arual   26/05/2011
Yes this font is free for commercial use!
blup  31/05/2011
waow! thx, really nice font
lisacrowoman  02/06/2011
Excellent work! I love your design!
artproducer  10/11/2011
Hi Curtis,

Since your font is available for commercial use I can use it for advertising purposes?

Thanks!  01/02/2012
Hi There,

Love your font!! Just want to confirm that this is good for both personal and commercial use. Are there any restrictions? Thank you for your response and for such a nice design.

maiconerd  10/05/2012
This is the one used by Avicii in his logo, isn't it ?
cdickerson17  29/05/2012
Great job! Absolutely love it.
aestheticgrind  26/06/2012
This is really beautiful! Good job for your first try :)
Leafy Greens  31/01/2013
this is a first attempt?! you have major talent, keep up with this!

i really like how the thickness of some letters varies, even though it's a thin font. it makes it stand out against so many fonts that are so thick that the variation isn't visible, and others that are thin with no variation.
vindo  26/07/2013
hello curtis.
your font is very classy and great looking.. You are very talented.. and I love how you made it free for commercial use for everyone.. I will be using it for a logo I'm creating and If you want, I can send you a copy of it. let me know.

thanks very much
Huxy  04/02/2014
Hello curtis. ¿Did you know that Google used this font for the Google Glass logo?
ingrid_kahn  12/04/2016
CurtisMack Any chance you have more to add to this font its amazing! If not would love to get in touch and organise a personal font to be created!?! Cheers!
karinabaq  01/06/2016
Hello, Curtis
I'm using this font for logo , wanted to know if for commercial use .
Great talent for the first time
MattBritneyspears  21/07/2019
Omg, this font is used for the TAMTA logo, she represented Cyprus this year at Eurovision (o.o)
Sharne  03/03/2020
Bonjour Curtis.

Je suis française.

Ton écriture est belle et tout aussi simple, c'est exactement ce qu'il me fallait. Merci d'avoir eut l'idée de l'avoir faite de cette manière.

Bonne continuation à toi
soooj  06/10/2020
can I use that font for commercial purposes? use for logo.
Please contact me:
Thank you.
leeyeongah  24/07/2022
hello! i want to use your marvelous font for commercial purposes. if it is possible, please email to "" thank you

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