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Robert 334  11/03/2014
Can I have your font for Commercial Projects? :)
please contact me
Kijti  18/11/2014
Can this font be use for commercial? I just want to make sure.
It would be great if you please confirm to
ckshadow  04/10/2015
I'm also wondering if this can be used for commercial use? please email
TheRocketFish  15/01/2016
Also wondering if this font can be used for commercial use. could you email me at
albascoco  06/04/2016
Hi! I'm just wondering if I could use your font for a little commercial project of mine? My email is, Thank you!
danirl  06/04/2018
Hi! Can i use your font for commercial projects? Please contact me
maren7  05/06/2018
Can this be used for commercial application as free? ...Can i create a coffee mug, pen, greeting card etc. to be sold for profit? Its for a small company

Contact me:
Thank you!
banningmedia  05/11/2018
Can this font be use for commercial?
I just want to make sure.
Please confirm to:
thanks a lot
vicky foreman  13/03/2019

Sorry to ask the same question, i am confirming this font is 100% free including commercial usage.

if this is not for commercial usage please email me ASAP

if i do not hear i know it is ok to use.

Many thanks!
leeyh0329  10/04/2020

I love your font! I just wanted to clarify that your font is also free to use for commercial usage.
If it is not please contact me

Thank you!
gelalashi  10/08/2020
Hello! I was wondering if I can use this for commercial use? Please contact me at If I do not hear I'll assume it is okay to use.

Thank you!

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