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RKDavis  28/12/2017
I would like to use this font for a t-shirt design and would like more details regarding whether it's free or how much it would cost?

Please contact me via
solid352  15/06/2018
why dont you just post the info on here instead of making us go through the process of email. when he asked this question he was asking for us all. How much is it or is it free
Branded Quotes  autor de Another Danger   22/06/2018
You can click the font and it will bring you to the main page of this item. In there, the details. Click click click
Pompilius  11/07/2018
It's a classic Pink Floyd - "The Wall" font, just written on a straight line by Mr. "PeeSee".
You're welcome.
egerke  16/04/2019
I would like to use this font for an art project of mine. email me at
strzokac_svipatr  17/05/2019
mdeezo  13/06/2019
Hello, I could not find the author. I would like to use this font for T-shirt designs. Could you please advise me to who the author/owner is in order to discuss copy right and trademark terms currently in place. Thanks.
keve5star  28/06/2019
I would like to use this font for a video project. If you have a chance, email me @
wordsmithxx  01/02/2020
Can you email me and please tell me if a commercial license is good to purchase from you for my clothing line?

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