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SpaceOctopus  26/12/2012
All of you need to really understand what donationware is. Donationware does not mean you REQUIRE a donation. That means it's not a donation, that means it's not free and requires payment.
The opening section of the definition of Donationware:
"Donationware is a licensing model that supplies fully operational unrestricted software to the user and requests an optional donation be paid to the programmer or a third-party beneficiary (usually a non-profit). The amount of the donation may also be stipulated by the author, or it may be left to the discretion of the user, based on individual perceptions of the software's value. Since donationware comes fully operational (i.e. not crippleware) when payment is optional, it is a type of freeware."
SpaceOctopus  26/12/2012
You NEED to put a "for personal use only" on your fonts, if you require payment for commercial use.
maximusmaximus  autor de Animal Cracker   30/12/2012
This price range is a suggested donation. Thanks for your tips! Would love to hear about your other best practices regarding font production and distribution! Just drop me an email at: or you could further suggestions via private message.

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