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jossiento01  18/04/2007
i'd like this font a lot but it'll be nice if i can see minuscules of it... at least that's what i think... thank you!!!
shanpuu  28/04/2008
is there a chance to contact the author of this font? we have to supose that this font was created by someone, right? =)

btw, minuscules would be really nice
great font!
yveslm  22/04/2009
Cette police de caractère est celle du jeux vidéo bioshock. Celle de l'un des jeux les mieux noté au monde...
Maverick3001  17/10/2009
Is there anyway of contacting the author of this font, I might be interested in buying.
saz-orozco  07/02/2010
How can I contact the author? Interested in buying.

kimbekah  07/04/2010
how can i contact the author?
im interested in buying.
rsavino  22/07/2010
It was used in the movie "XANADU" (circa 1980)
SpideRaY  04/01/2011
It is also used in Agatha Christie's Poirot Murder on the Orient Express
NappaneeLib  05/01/2011
also used for the Fancy Nancy logo
c.spaghetti  13/01/2011
Paloma Faith used it, but changed some parts of it
Tom.1  26/05/2012
Is there an author contact, yet? - I'd like to use - thanks
ckeilah  01/06/2012
Well, you might ask Bear McCreary, or his web designer, as they seem to be using it, or one almost exactly like this.
juliaoien  13/09/2012
Would like to know if I can use this font on my website? I don't sell anything, education only at this time
csweetin  21/11/2012
Has anyone successfully contacted someone about this font? I'd really like to buy it.
hbglenn  30/01/2013
I would like to use for commercial use, please contact me at - thanks!
CarahSlagboom  20/03/2013
I would like to use this font for a logo, the author can reach me at
rlocatelli  08/10/2013
Very charming font!
jckearney  08/04/2014
I would like to use this font for a logo, the author can reach me at jenkear at hotmail dot com. Thank you!
vnesbit  29/04/2014
I would like to use this font for a small-business logo. Please contact me at vbnesbit via gmail with a price. Thanks.
harristype  25/08/2014
This font is called Andesite Regular and was designed by me in the early 1990s. It was ripped off by someone on a PC shortly thereafter, hence the name being shortened to Andes. This font was completely reworked with additional characters and converted to OpenType format and is now sold commercially for US $15 at
GregG  16/05/2015
Rapture, Bioshock!!!
Lion82  01/06/2015
I would like to use this font for a small-business logo. You can contact me at Thanks
WM86  14/06/2015
This font is used as title cards in Sonic 3 & Knuckles for Zone names (1994). This was when I first saw the font.
sfmassey  08/09/2016
I would like use this font as a logo. Please contact me at
triforce09  30/08/2017
Hey Everyone!!! the Author had posted here!!

Also they mentioned their site:

This should be used rather than asking for them to contact you on a ripped off version of their font!
stewf  18/08/2021
It is a bummer to see the creator of this font take full credit for the design here and sell it as if it’s his own, when it is clearly a clone of Plaza, a Letraset typeface by Alan Meeks in 1974: On Harris’ site he states Andesite is “based on” Plaza, but that’s putting it mildly — the basic shapes are nearly identical. Why sell a replica when the original designer is still alive ( and presumably collecting royalties from existing digital versions?
stewf  19/08/2021
I wrote to Alan and he confirms that Andesite is an unauthorized copy. So what we have here in Andes is a free copy of a knock off. Dafont, could you remove the font download and point to Alan’s site or at least a link to Plaza?
stewf  19/08/2021
Just in case there is any question about whether Andesite is a copy of Plaza or just a close interpretation, here are the basic character sets of Plaza SH (a licensed digitization from Scangraphic) and Andesite:
stewf  19/08/2021
And here is the Letraset version of Plaza compared to Andesite:

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