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Fat Fab  17/12/2008
God! Is that real?
Roberto Cecchi  autor de Aierbazzi   18/12/2008
This is another result of my thesis research… If You like it, maybe You'll appreciate my Bagarozz font, on my site!
nanini  23/01/2009
This is really amazing. Thank you!
I registered in this site just to be able to tell you this :)
Lyxe  26/01/2009
this is beautiful..!
poetic  01/02/2009
I really like this... you did a great job! I'm an independent recording artist and would love to use this as a font for my album would that be ok with you? (just wanted to check on the permission of use)
Roberto Cecchi  autor de Aierbazzi   10/02/2009
Hi people… Aierbazzi is completly free… You may use it for commercial and no-commercial works without my permission… Enjoy it!
evelina ianev  23/02/2009
Excellent job. Original and stylish.
I also registered just to be able to make this comment.

Good luck!
Roberto Cecchi  autor de Aierbazzi   09/03/2009
Thank You a lot Evelina… Good luck to You too! :)
ideoma  06/05/2009
very good! this is a lifesaver, so many combinations! congrats it is genius work
TeagaN  29/04/2010
this is absolutely gorgeous.
i LOVE it
great work :)
wildreign  17/05/2010
I have never let a comment on a font ---I created an account specifically to tell you that this is absolutely fabulous.

Thank you so much
I have no doubt you will do even greater things
AlexisChildOfGod  25/09/2010
Thanks so much for making it completely free! Its great! (:
ctrlaltf12  07/04/2011
Nothing to say... this is a super clever job !
Roberto Cecchi  autor de Aierbazzi   04/05/2011
I'm happy you appreciate it… at this moment Aierbazzi was downloaded something like 150.000 times. Great!
wiccked  22/01/2012
absolutely stunning!
nannowandnext  04/08/2012
So versatile, much appreciated!!!
Roberto Cecchi  autor de Aierbazzi   16/10/2012
cricketfern  18/01/2016
I absolutely love this - your example is fantastic but please forgive a dumb question - how do you layer it?
Roberto Cecchi  autor de Aierbazzi   09/07/2016
Dear cricketfern, when you create a font, you can decide how much kerning give between each letters. In Aierbazzi (as in Bagarozz – I completely deleted it, so each letters are put over the previous ones.
Gardenwife  13/02/2019
This is beautiful and so useful. Thank you!

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