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Action of the Time New

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KeMo  23/04/2011
LoveAndMoreLove  31/05/2011
This font is free for personal use only.
elizrawr  07/07/2011
love it :)
rmh2  11/08/2011
Can you please give me more information about obtaining a license to use this font. It's a great font! I would like to use it as part of a logo but I am not selling the logo.

I saw this note with the font,

Ps.:Now with License Agreement (TOU/EULA)

Please let me know as soon as possible thank you!! Amazing work!
hamza_06  23/10/2011
MariaBayley  11/07/2013
Sorry. This is the one I would like to use commercially. Can you let me know if I just need to donate to you or if there is a set price?
annaslavinskaya  24/02/2015
Hei, I would like to have this font for make one poster. How I can procedure to be able to use it?
galdinootten  autor de Action of the Time New   25/02/2015

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