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Mullins13  07/03/2020
How do you get the swirls and the heart to work?
I’ve looked in the glyphs but can’t get it to work
mgonza2012  09/03/2020
you have to download the font MF I LOVE GLITTER,
kristina.shae  13/03/2020
Still how do we use the swirls? I downloaded the I love glitter font but its ugly lol and has no swirls
sorosz  18/03/2020
MF I LOVE GLITTER you need to do an asterisk for heart, underscore for open heart with swirls,vertical bar for closed heart, left bracket for swirl, and right bracket for swirl.  autor de About Love   19/03/2020
hi, you can check this video .to get the swirls and the heart
Actustream  19/03/2020
great work !  autor de About Love   20/03/2020
it is FREE FOR PERSONAL USE only ( For non Profit project). But If you want to DONATE click here : .I really appreciate your donations.

Thank you
cmaclam  25/03/2020
How can I add swashes, hearts, and swirls if I dont have photoshop?
taxlady1329  27/03/2020
I wondered the same thing I don't use photoshop  autor de About Love   27/03/2020
what program do you use?
Keesa  31/03/2020
Once you click download, where does the font download to??
that small one  04/04/2020
i use the app phonto, how do i get the swirls and hearts on that?
candan  18/04/2020
hello i sent him Money via PayPal, how can i download it now?
samj732  29/06/2020
I have a Windows computer. I downloaded the Character Map app from the Microsoft App store and it works great. Awesome font, thank you so much!

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