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drewboy  31/01/2007
This is the font used for Spider-Man 3. I'm doing a mockup at work & was about to trace the characters from a screenshot, but this has saved me a lot of time. Big props to whoever did this one!
drdistracto707  08/06/2007
This is the same font in spiderman 3 and the Playstaion 3 logos, thanks, You really did good, Kudos to you my friend
adhanberry  10/06/2007
This font is awesome. Not only is it the font used for the Spiderman movies and the Playstation logos, it is miraculously used for XBOX!! Let's see.. I think Microsoft used this font for its XBOX before Playstation used it...... Sony stole!
bowfinpw  04/02/2008
This font is an almost exact replication of Greg Samata's 1993 font called "Mata", which is probably what was licensed for the movie and those game systems. I would caution users from using this font for anything other than personal use. The one who 'stole' was whoever created this font.
LeTypoman  24/03/2009
Illegal RIP of MATA from Greg Samata
also illegaly distributed here under the name Homoarakhan
jemmerie  17/12/2009
See artwork for the Smashing Pumpkins CD single "1979," part of the Aeroplane Flies High compilation. It was released in 1996. Font title is in reference to the art. I remember the font coming out early 2000s, much before Spiderman films were produced. Maybe the author couldn't help being a Pumpkins fan? :b
LeTypoman  03/07/2011
Designers: Greg Samata
Design date: 1995
Publisher: T-26

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