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28/12/2019 alle 21:19  [risposta]  font?


26/12/2019 alle 03:35  [post iniziale]  font?

14/09/2019 alle 21:21  [risposta]  what's this font

The font is actually a really nice paid font (sadly)

Carattere suggerito: Tiffany Heavy with Swash

23/02/2019 alle 22:40  [risposta]  What font?

Thank you so much

23/02/2019 alle 19:24  [post iniziale]  What font?

I'm trying to find the name of the font that was used for the numbers 36 (NOT years)

Thanks in advance!

17/06/2017 alle 18:57  [risposta]  bubblegum transparent tumblr

thats not double feature because it doesnt have texture on the letters, only the drips

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