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what's this font

06/03/2012 alle 23:36

what's this font

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Eloquent  Suggeriti da SashiX 
K22 Didoni + Swash  Suggeriti da toto@k22 

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Tiffany Heavy with Swash  Suggeriti da itsfareeda 

07/03/2012 alle 00:12

Carattere Identificato: Eloquent

08/03/2012 alle 07:55

Try my K22 Didoni and K22 Didoni Swash. Exactly matches your image.

Go to, click on the 2011 tab and scroll down to October 10 (10.10 on the menu)

The swash N in your image is in the Private Use Area of K22 Didoni Swash. A different swash N is in the letter position. Use K22 Didoni for the non-swash letters in the image

The font is free for your personal enjoyment.


- Toto
Carattere Identificato: K22 Didoni + Swash

Modificato su 08/03/2012 alle 07:56 da toto@k22

08/03/2012 alle 08:03

BTW someone also made a font based on Didoni Swash and is sold at $50++ and your image was probably created using that font, Didoni DF. If that image came from Flickr, then that was made using Didoni DF.

My font is a redraw based on Solo's Swash Letter Alphabets and not a copy of another person's font.

- Toto

Modificato su 08/03/2012 alle 08:03 da toto@k22

08/01/2013 alle 14:00

K22 Didoni (regular and swash) is now here at Dafont.

14/09/2019 alle 21:21

The font is actually a really nice paid font (sadly)
Carattere suggerito: Tiffany Heavy with Swash

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