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18/01/2021 alle 18:04  [post iniziale]  to have + to hold

What is this font?

Modificato su 18/01/2021 alle 18:08 da lauriechapman

11/07/2019 alle 04:41  [post iniziale]  Script font?

08/04/2019 alle 18:24  [risposta]  Elizabeth and Charles font?

Thank you so much!

08/04/2019 alle 12:57  [post iniziale]  Elizabeth and Charles font?

15/01/2019 alle 05:20  [post iniziale]  Help with Script Font ID

22/10/2018 alle 04:57  [post iniziale]  Script font ID please!

What font is the Ophelia and Alexander?

02/07/2018 alle 03:38  [post iniziale]  Fonts or Original Calligraphy?

Do you know if this is a font, or hand drawn calligraphy?

29/04/2017 alle 16:51  [post iniziale]  Font help

Thank you!

07/04/2017 alle 04:01  [post iniziale]  Campbell's Soup Font

Can you please help me find a font close to the one for "Campbells". Thanks!

Carattere Identificato: Vivaldi

22/02/2017 alle 19:24  [risposta]  Holy Guacamole


22/02/2017 alle 17:24  [post iniziale]  Holy Guacamole

What is the font used on this invitation?

30/12/2016 alle 22:19  [post iniziale]  Need help with this Script font

What is the font that "Madison & Dylan" is in?

13/12/2016 alle 23:07  [post iniziale]  Save the Date

Can you please help identify the fonts on this? Thank you in advance!

22/11/2016 alle 00:16  [post iniziale]  Calligraphy

I'm pretty sure the letters for the bride and groom's names are hand drawn calligraphy, but do any of you know of a similar script font to this? Thanks in advance!

20/09/2016 alle 00:10  [risposta]  Font for "Baby Shower"?

Thank you!

19/09/2016 alle 23:49  [post iniziale]  Font for "Baby Shower"?

13/09/2016 alle 21:28  [post iniziale]  What font is used for "THE"?

13/09/2016 alle 17:31  [post iniziale]  Need help with the script font please

09/09/2016 alle 00:11  [risposta]  Anyone know this font?

The "M"s are Sloop and the "ake" and "e" are close to Jacobi or Poppl Exquisit Regular, but not exactly.

Carattere suggerito: Sloop Script One

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