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Campbell's Soup Font

07/04/2017 alle 04:01

Can you please help me find a font close to the one for "Campbells". Thanks!

Campbell's Soup Font

Questo probabilmente non è un carattere

Caratteri suggeriti

Cafe Aroma  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Edwardian Script  Suggeriti da Sebas1997 
Sterling Script  Suggeriti da Sebas1997 

07/04/2017 alle 04:47

Carattere suggerito: Edwardian Script

Modificato su 07/04/2017 alle 05:38 da Sebas1997

07/04/2017 alle 04:49

Or this one
Carattere suggerito: Sterling Script

07/04/2017 alle 09:11

Campbell's is hand lettering from circa 1900.

AFAIK it has not been the source of a font which is an exact match.

Cafe Aroma is similar. For the _e_ try flipping and mirroring the _3_. Not quite right so you might try this trick with another baseball or packaging script.

According to a New York times article
"The Campbell script ... is very similar to Joseph Campbell’s own signature, which may have been used as a basis for the label script... [The script] was designed to appeal to the housewife of the time ... [and] was intended to look like cursive handwriting ... that one would find on handwritten recipes, equating to ‘Homemade.’ ”
Carattere suggerito: Cafe Aroma

Modificato su 07/04/2017 alle 14:07 da donshottype

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