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26/06/2020 alle 22:31  [risposta]  Font please

Hey the Monai Bridge! SOrry dont know the font. but know the bridge Model it for Dolittle Movie

26/06/2020 alle 22:29  [risposta]  Star Wars - High Republic

thank you

24/06/2020 alle 17:45  [post iniziale]  Star Wars - High Republic

Hi guys,

I try to find the proper font for the High Republic part of that logo. I can easy do Star Wars in vector, but would like a avoid doing "the High Republic"

14/01/2020 alle 13:59  [post iniziale]  Lego coin font

Is there a good font that mimic the lego coin number?

19/12/2019 alle 11:29  [risposta]  dices

I search a bit and I found Coolvetica font. I could had the dot and it will work.

Carattere suggerito: Coolvetica

17/12/2019 alle 22:56  [post iniziale]  dices

Hi I would like to know what do you recommand for the d8-d10-d12-d20 dices font

10/10/2016 alle 18:09  [risposta]  What is the font "Darth Vader "please

There is one. but it's under the ' key :P If you load the table of characters you can find it. But I'm agree that this is strange to have it at the wrong place.

07/05/2016 alle 16:23  [risposta]  Warner Archive

Thank you

07/05/2016 alle 03:19  [post iniziale]  Warner Archive

Hi guys,

Look simple enough, but I try to reproduce the Warner Archive logo. Just need the font now.


08/10/2015 alle 13:40  [risposta]  what are these fonts please

3. License Plate USA can find it on Dafont

Carattere suggerito: License Plate USA

08/10/2015 alle 13:37  [post iniziale]  LEGO font for Text

Hi there,

First thing: No I don't search for the Lego Logo or the font for create it.

I search for the Font they use on there box to type the number of the model, the title, etc.

Look simple but cannot find the proper font who match 100% the number. Can find a good 2 but not a good 5 or 6


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