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28/04/2019 alle 05:34  [risposta]  Chassés-Croisés font


24/08/2018 alle 01:41  [risposta]  Il Mucchio

I'm going to bump this just because I've been lucky today, but thanks, Gidev.

24/08/2018 alle 01:39  [risposta]  The Kimono

Thank you very much, tomthumb!

24/08/2018 alle 01:33  [risposta]  47 CM

Thank you so much!

11/07/2018 alle 06:37  [post iniziale]  47 CM

That's from a Thai shampoo commercial. I don't know if the numbers and letters are two different typefaces, I'm only interested in the numbers.

Thanks in advance!

Modificato su 11/07/2018 alle 06:38 da WicCaesar

20/06/2018 alle 09:52  [risposta]  New Ingress (Prime)

Thank you, Maury!

20/06/2018 alle 03:32  [post iniziale]  New Ingress (Prime)

New font for Ingress (Prime) merch. It's not Amarillo USAF (the old one).

Thanks in advance.

20/06/2018 alle 03:07  [risposta]  Ingress Epiphany Night

Thank you, Twentyoneg!

12/04/2018 alle 08:52  [post iniziale]  Ingress Epiphany Night

12/04/2018 alle 08:50  [risposta]  House Industries

Carattere suggerito: Sign Painter Casual

29/03/2018 alle 16:03  [risposta]  Disney Villains Collection

Not a font.

28/03/2018 alle 01:28  [risposta]  SAVAGE BARBIE FONT

Right click the text layer > Blending Options > Outer glow, apply it the way you want it. Then back at the layers panel, set the text layer Fill (below Opacity) to 0%.

26/03/2018 alle 06:52  [risposta]  "resistance"

Carattere suggerito: Amarillo USAF

25/03/2018 alle 23:28  [risposta]  What is the font used here?

Try the UltraBold version then.

Carattere Identificato: ロダンRodin Pro Ultra Bold

Modificato su 01/04/2018 alle 12:00 da marty666

14/03/2018 alle 14:00  [risposta]  Christopher Robin font

Only the h is similar.

11/03/2018 alle 04:56  [risposta]  NL-1331A

Bump! Please, anyone?

08/03/2018 alle 11:56  [risposta]  What font is this?

Carattere Identificato: Grobold

05/03/2018 alle 20:51  [post iniziale]  NL-1331A

Font for the 2018 Ingress biocards.

05/03/2018 alle 20:04  [post iniziale]  The Kimono

I'm sorry it's difficult to see the K, but it's very distinct.

Thanks in advance.

The others are Iglesia.

Carattere suggerito: Iglesia

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