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25/05/2022 alle 15:24  [risposta]  speed hunters font

The slashes in the "SPEED" are obviously modified.

Carattere suggerito: Neue Helvetica 96 Black Italic

23/05/2022 alle 15:57  [risposta]  Please Help ID font

Looks like someone squished it, but I'm 99% sure it's the same font.

Carattere Identificato: House Script

16/05/2022 alle 05:19  [post iniziale]  "Handwritten" Numbers

Pretty sure these are part of a whole font, but I'm gonna feel really stupid if this ends up being custom work

26/04/2022 alle 16:06  [risposta]  Samsung galaxy font?

YoshiTheGamerYT ha detto  

Well here's the "FREE AVANT GARDE FONT", your highness.

Carattere suggerito: TeX Gyre Aventdor


Carattere Identificato: Chokana

31/01/2022 alle 23:42  [risposta]  Please help me with this font

Carattere Identificato: Mont

25/01/2022 alle 04:27  [risposta]  font?

19/01/2022 alle 19:09  [risposta]  what font is this)

Antonio, minus the "io"

Carattere suggerito: Anton

08/01/2022 alle 21:56  [risposta]  SOMEHELP

Looks closer to Motter Tektura, but some of the letters seem off.

Carattere suggerito: Motter Tektura

05/01/2022 alle 03:14  [risposta]  Old Billboard Logo font???

Hey Logan, I don't mean to exacerbate your situation but

(in my opinion)

it looks closer to Blick Sans. That's just my eye though, I might be wrong.

Hope you don't resort to what you're saying. Wishing you all the best!

Carattere suggerito: Blick Sans

Hate to revive a dead request, but I've been searching for the same font too.

It looks to be a slightly modified version of United Serif Condensed Bold.

Carattere suggerito: United Serif

15/12/2021 alle 04:23  [risposta]  Font name pls?

The J looks more like Neue than it does Kai, but the & is definitely custom or from another font.

Carattere suggerito: Bebas Neue

10/12/2021 alle 16:07  [risposta]  What font?

Carattere Identificato: Checkpoint

19/11/2021 alle 01:36  [risposta]  Whats the roblox font

custom "O"

Carattere suggerito: Gill Sans UltraBold

17/11/2021 alle 20:07  [risposta]  What is this Donut font?

Based on Damion.

Carattere suggerito: Damion

14/11/2021 alle 20:49  [risposta]  Xbox logo

An alternative to Helvetica

Carattere suggerito: Nimbus Sans

01/11/2021 alle 03:22  [risposta]  Help with this font, please

Using the closing single quote for the apostrophe.

Carattere Identificato: Reggae One

30/10/2021 alle 21:47  [risposta]  Anyone know this one?

Carattere Identificato: Compacta

22/10/2021 alle 01:32  [risposta]  ID please

Devil Breeze looks like it's based on the ligatures from Avant Garde. It's a decent free alternative, but Avant Garde is most likely the original font.

Looks like the ligatures are enabled on the "TR" and the "NT"

Carattere suggerito: ITC Avant Garde Gothic

20/10/2021 alle 16:24  [risposta]  please help..

Carattere Identificato: Avant Garde

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