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Does someone knows the Font-Name?

25/03/2013 alle 20:05

Hallo people i have a question hope that you can help.
I got a tattoo on my arms with a nice font and now i want to add more in the same font but cant find it =/
it was under " Script > Calligraphy " to like 90% but not sure!
HOpe you can help that would be nice here is the pic

Does someone knows the Font-Name?

Modificato su 25/03/2013 alle 20:06 da Rodolphe

Carattere Identificato

Aquiline Two  Suggeriti da fonatica 

25/03/2013 alle 20:13

Carattere Identificato: Aquiline Two

26/03/2013 alle 16:30

thank you very much!

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