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I am new to this. Very new. trying to find a font for win10 office reports that is very easy to tell a one from a L do not know if or how can search for those fonts.

01/03/2019 alle 09:17

yes i did see the filters to use to filter the lists of fonts.


I could not find how to filter or what key words to use to filter the list.

i did check the FAQ before i created this.

the reports i create for my personal use i need to be easy to tell apart characters like these.

O 0 a zero and capital letter oh. and between the number 1 and the letter lower case L like in this sentence.

5 and S that is five and "S" like in Sam. these are a few examples. what makes it harder is the characters will NOT be used in a word so i will be unable to tell if the "l" i see is a one or a lower case L.
It is critical to type in the exact character used in the report.

i did see some that showed letters and numbers BEFORE download, but those were not a font that seemed would be easy to read on screen or in printed report of 30 pages or more.




01/03/2019 alle 12:08

You may just be best off putting in the pairs you need visible differentiation in into the Preview input, then searching (for example, for the New section:

This should give you quick visual feedback on whether it meets your requirements or not.

For what it's worth: if you aren't particularly hung up on the style of the font you are using, look into Fixed Width/Monospace fonts ( Some of these will be designed for programming, and most decently made programming fonts will have obvious differences between characters to improve code readability.

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