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The Wiz font

23/08/2015 alle 01:12

Hello!!! Does anyone know which font is used for "The Wiz" on this image? I'm in the production; but our schools' marketing department didn't give us a font name - and we have to make more promo stuff.

If anyone can identify the font I'd be eternally grateful!!

- Jess

The Wiz font

23/08/2015 alle 12:36

I don't know The Wiz Font, but I do know that the other font like the website link and the Date. is Gotham
Carattere suggerito: Gotham Bold
  (This is not the requested font)

23/08/2015 alle 18:54

yeah we figured that one out, the one I nobody can seem to find is the one used for the show title itself.

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