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Bangerz Papers font?

30/05/2014 alle 00:30

I love the font for the "Bangerz" on it. I wanna know what it is please!
Also, what's the font for "Miley Cyrus" as well??

THank yoU!

Bangerz Papers font?

Carattere Identificato

Alpha Smoke  Suggeriti da Chronos 

Carattere suggerito

Nimbus Sans  Suggeriti da Chronos 

03/06/2014 alle 05:18

Alpha Smoke
Carattere Identificato: Alpha Smoke

Modificato su 03/06/2014 alle 11:33 da drf

03/06/2014 alle 05:18

MILEY looks like Nimbus Sans
Carattere suggerito: Nimbus Sans

Modificato su 03/06/2014 alle 11:34 da drf

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