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Could someone convert this Font Creator file into a working font?


24/03/2015 alle 20:25

mamba1393, I would have converted your font for you but your link is dead.
Please remake the link.

24/03/2015 alle 21:10

Sam1306, your link doesn't work for me, mate. The file refuses to load.

17/07/2015 alle 19:41

Can somebody convert this file for me?
I need it in an OTF format. I am using fontcreator 9.0 unregistered trial

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18/07/2015 alle 01:22

Thanks, i'm already selling it on myfonts

18/07/2015 alle 07:29

daaams ha detto  
Thanks, i'm already selling it on myfonts

15/09/2015 alle 20:28

Cam somebody convert this file for me please? I've also got the unregistered trial haha.
I need it in TTF please.

15/09/2015 alle 21:26

Another one that either can not read or is blind.

16/09/2015 alle 05:58

koeiekat ha detto  
Another one that either can not read or is blind.

I've read the forum ,

Searched for 5.0, could not find it, and you yourself said fonts from 9.0 wont be opened in an earlier version.. (Tried in myself).


19/06/2017 alle 20:24

I read through the forum and have the same issue. Downloaded the trial, Made this awesome font that I'd like to use but I didn't realize you can't actually USE fonts you create on the program unless you unload like $80 for the full program. I looked for torrents of the program but I don't trust any of the ones I found (or I just foiund the same trial I already have)
I don't care if whomever can export the font uses it or w/e I just want the .ttf file :/

If you're awesome enough to do this, I thank you very much. Just PM me and I can give you my email to send it :3

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24/06/2018 alle 19:57

Please can anyone export this FontCreator Project file to ttf? I need it really quick.


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