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aurelia2204  22/12/2010

Puis je utiliser votre typographie arobase "@" pour signifier l'adresse mail de mon entreprise sur les supports tels que : cartes de visite, toutes lettres types, contacts sur notre site internet ?

momijimin  01/01/2011
J'ai fait un don pour votre police sur paypal, serait il possible de récuperer cette police sans la démo?
Katew1975  21/03/2011
Hi, Please may you contact me regarding the use of this font for my business banner?
Many thanks my email is herbangel@hotmail.co.uk
pnajafi  08/02/2012
Hi, please contact me regarding this font pnajafi [at] gmail dot [com].
jennchilada  12/02/2012
f41thb4by  28/02/2012
Hi Once a donation has been made does it remove the demo writting?

anke-art  autore di Typo Garden Demo   06/03/2012
@f41thb4by: um... no - the font is not Donation Ware, it's a Demo font. The full version can be purchased via http://www.anke-art.de/en/?p=641
Honestly, this info can be found easily enough by reading the font details. It's also included in the zip file. And you can see it on the left side, look:
Asta78  08/03/2012
bonjour, je voudrais savoir si j'achète votre police puis-je l'utiliser pour le nom et logo de mon entreprise ?
hello, I would like to know if I buy your policy can I use the name and logo for my company?
anke-art  autore di Typo Garden Demo   09/03/2012
@Asta78: Of course - and if you like, send me the link to your company and I'll link back to you from my site.
TypefaceTales  12/09/2012
I find inspirational fonts and write stories about them, yours is right here: http://typefacetales.tumblr.com/post/31389278191/petals-in-prose
anke-art  autore di Typo Garden Demo   16/09/2012
@TypefaceTales: What a fun idea, thanks for letting me know!
Orange Fox  18/10/2017

I visited the link you mentioned in the comments above but it doesn't appear to be working. Is it still available for purchase?

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