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mprosser  10/02/2009
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   01/04/2009
Thank you.
LaurenRuth  24/04/2009
This is a really good grunge font
MooLer  20/06/2009
Hey Rocu!:)Can i use your font for my t-shirt design? I would really appreciate it!!!
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   29/07/2009
Yes you can.
asiana  10/10/2009
Wow you're amazing! This is a truly gorgeous font. Thank you SO much!
bigvon  27/01/2010
Hey Rocu. Like Mooler said, can I please use your font for my t-shirt design. I would truely appreciate it.
Out of all of destoyed fonts, I seriously think yours is the best. You can e-mail me your reply at
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   28/03/2010
Yes, you can use this font for your t-shirt design, as I stated earlier.

If you people still want to send me e-mails (which you don't have to do) about using this font somewhere then please use/write a proper e-mail address. There have been some e-mails lately that I couldn't anwser because the e-mail address was corrupt or something..

Ben777  09/04/2010
Hey RoCU,I'm a graphic designer, can i please use your fonts for commercial work? =)
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   18/09/2010
slimzian  30/09/2010
Hey RoCU, can I use your font for a T-Shirt design? The t-shirts are gonna be sold at my school. Thank you! And awesome font!
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   17/10/2010
Yes you can.
jachst  15/11/2010
Nice one, would have been alot more impressive if you'd have used original letter forms and not just added effects to arial black though.
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   29/11/2010
@jachst, Thank you. This was in fact my first font ever (besides the pixel one which I don't really consider a font since i made it in paint within a few minutes) and I didn't really have any point of view about fonts at that time. But soon enough I will probably release another free font which will be completely made from scratch.
catalunya66  30/03/2011
Hey RoCU, can i please use your fonts for commercial work (tshirts) ? Thank you and congratulations
shalome  03/05/2011
May I please use commercially for client flyers. Please respond ASAP to

Thank you.
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   12/06/2011
Hello. Yes everyone who downloads the font feel free to use it for any commercial fonts. I really do not mind. This font is free.
rocu  autore di Soul Mission   04/08/2011
One thing that you people CAN do, when using my font, is PM or e-mail me the works or addresses where you have used that font. I would loved to just see them :).
alar  13/03/2012
Make more plz. Tee veel tegelt ka
Psychotic™  16/07/2013
Super nice font Rocu, what a piece of work. I might have to try this for a logo with your permission.
melamab  04/01/2017
hi, can i use this font for commercial flyers??? is awesome!
Sanganito  09/10/2017
Absolutely awesome font! Incredible! A huge TY! But where to email you to say thanks?
theveganmessage  21/04/2020
Hello, is this font still free for any use in 2020 ? Thank you. It's BEAUTIFUL.
Manapart  06/09/2021
Hello Rocu, Hopefully you are doing great. As you have requested I am sending you the example of how your font has been used.

Good luck and big thanks.
Glenn520  27/02/2022
Hi Rocu,

Thanks for your amazing work. It's just so great.

May I please use it for my social media video. Please respond to Thank you so much.

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