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I love!

About me... Well I am a really big dork. No really.

I love music and art.

Current obsession: Classic Disney movies. In true dork fashion, I'll be wikipedia-ing "Cinderella," inbetween perusing favorite design haunts online and working on fonts.

My beloved copy of "Tales of Edgar Allan Poe," with its introduction by Hervey Allen and lovely engravings by Fritz Eichenberg sits on my lap.

Yes, I really read Edgar Allan Poe.

I have a crush on the guy from Burn Notice on tv. No one in real life. It's hard to meet super cute burnt spies these days. What's a girl to do?

Wanna font?
I really love to font.
If you've got it, font it.
Did I mention I am a really big geek?

From the fabulous las vegas,
~L.T. Nymphont

P.S. I would like to thank Mrs. McCallister, without her efforts, the proper usage of the semicolon mark would not be possible, nor would the correct spelling of the word, "onomatopoeia." Thank you.


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