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SJ2010  07/01/2016
I like it :)
Visualzeit  13/01/2016
Great looking font!!! but I just wish it could contain ä and ö fonts also.
imagebypaper  18/01/2016
Is there somewhere you can purchase this font?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this font and was wondering how to go about purchasing it for commercial use! Thanks! Please email me @
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   20/01/2016
Hi guys,

You can check this link:
to avail a license and for the full version of the font.

lacymariecarra  20/01/2016
This isn't working on mac yosemite 10.10.5 anyone resolve this issue or have any idea what its not working?
kristydamron  27/01/2016
Not working on my Mac El Capitan 10.11.2 either :( Any fixes yet??
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   28/01/2016
Hey guys! You can try an online font converter and see if it works. Some OS are not compatible with Opentype fonts.
andregarcia  14/02/2016
”Me encantó!
kred  02/03/2016
One of the most interesting handwritten fonts IMO
damienpod  07/03/2016
Very well designed!
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   10/03/2016
Thank you guys!
breebarker  27/03/2016
How to i make the first and last letter elongated like the example?
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   28/03/2016
Hi @breebarker
Try typing these characters on both end of a word /\
The slash and the backslash.
marcoj53  24/04/2016
some of the letters have sharp corners on a large scale.
stefcamargo  28/04/2016
Hey, love this font!! Congrats!!
Whats the name of the other fonts you used on the beach image that shows after you download the font? I loved it as well!
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   29/04/2016
Hi. The fonts I've used on the preview images are Shorelines, Shorelines Display and Mild Life Regular.
hwellsfreelance  25/05/2016
Absolutely love this font and have just purchased! Thank you
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   25/05/2016
Glad you love it! Enjoy and keep creating :)
monicaeve  02/09/2016
how do i get the letters to be connected? thanks!
No Eyed Deer  13/09/2016
Hey, was this font handwritten or computer developed? It is absolutely stunning!
hayleystephens  14/10/2016
Hello! I LOVE this font. But It's not downloading for me. I have a MAC. I have 10.10.5 Yosemite. I am not computer literate and need some help please as how to download this beautiful font! Thank you :-)
hayleystephens  14/10/2016
I need my name: hayley fualau to look exactly as the example given with the lines attached coming off the h and the u. When I put the /\ it doesnt join properly. Can someone help me please? Thanks so much! :-)
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   14/10/2016
Hi guys. To put the swash like the example you should use these symbols () the open and close parenthesis. Example: (hayley fualau)
Fonts 4 u  27/10/2016
Oh it's so beautiful! I've been searching long time for this font and I love it! (Sorry for my not so good English, I'm from Germany)
promisegrace  02/01/2017
Hello, I LOVE how the font looks!!! It looks so nice! However, when I tried to download this font it didn't work for me. Just if you were wondering, I downloaded the font on an ASUS computer with Windows 7. When I downloaded the font and tried to type it in it didn't give me the cursive looking font but instead it gave me font that kinda looked like the common font "Georgia". Please help me with this problem. Thank you so much!
xXxChloexXx  17/01/2017
Guys I Never Knew U Buy Fonts I purchase everyone for free
Jasminda  12/03/2017
I Would Like To Use This Font On Clothes For My Clothing Line. Can I Purchase This For Public Use?
Flippin_zoe  20/04/2017
~ I L O V E IT ~
ambernicole333  25/04/2017
how do you get the swirls on the s's on beginning and end?
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   25/04/2017
Hi. It's by using open and close parenthesis. Try typing (shorelines)
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   25/04/2017
Thank you guys for loving Shorelines Script!
You can purchase the license for commercial use here:
JaxChan  07/05/2017
how does this thing work
fontyriverdale  10/05/2017
If i'm using this font for a non profit commercial use, do I still need a license?
H.Supara  29/05/2017
This font looks like made by a drunken child
wendyearwood  03/08/2017
How do I get the swashes? I am sooo new to this. Please help.
ckryz  15/09/2017
I JUST LOVE THIS FONT. Can I use this for personal use without purchasing because I am unable to download? I tried to purchase it with my payoal account but it would not go through.
spiritedaway  22/12/2017
Hi how do we add capital letters for the font? and how to purchase commercial licence please.
Aude L.  25/12/2017
Hi! Great font I love it !
Can I use it on my facebook page ?
On this facebook page I want to show the handbags I create and maybe, if somebody like one, sell it. But it's not for real professionnal use. (sorry if my english is not so good!)
darius99  25/01/2018
This is really cute font.
ChristelleLegrand  04/11/2018
Bonjour !
J'adore !
Existe-t-il une version avec les accents ?

mistyfaerie  08/04/2020
is this free for commercial use?
Branded Quotes  autore di Shorelines Script   08/04/2020
Hello. For commercial use, you need the licensed version:

Yuriyuri  16/04/2020
Hello. I LOVE this font! My name is Yuri. I am a manager of Clothing shop in Japan. I am writing this email because I'd like to use the font ( Shorelines Script Bold ) for our shop logo. Would it be possible? We look forward to hearing back from you.Thank you.
dani0  21/05/2020
Hi! I am trying to make a word with the (word) how you have in the photo. The first swirl won't connect to the first letter and I'm so confused, Please help!!
Ashley Tumbas  12/06/2020
This is the best!! I tried a font like this too but it’s not working so THIS IS THE BEST!!!☺️
larararata  16/06/2020
changyuzhi  10/07/2020
love it! great font!
XiluDesigns  24/08/2020
LOVE this font!!!
Paolauwu  30/12/2020
Hello! I love this font, but for some reason, when I write, the lines that should be on one side they don't appear. Is there anything I did wrong? Thank you!
xx_retro  12/01/2021
most iconic aesthetic font ever on dis website.
THELKGN  14/01/2021
Beautiful font. Thanks for the tip on how to get the scrolls on the end.
PremiereGraphics  27/01/2021
sana ol top 4 napud
Dunkiess  29/04/2021
Hii follow my tt jqmess
sungmeecho  25/05/2021
I love this. If I purchase the license, please let me know if I can use your typeface for printing books and E-books. My email is
Reyko23  10/01/2022
Hi, custom preview does not show any accent marks. With a licence, will I be able to write é, ó, ő etc.? My native language uses accent marks a lot.

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