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Chloe5972  08/10/2014
byjanam  autore di Paper Banner   08/11/2014
Thank you :)
Joannedr  15/03/2016
I like the simplicity and friendliness of this font.
byjanam  autore di Paper Banner   13/07/2016
Thanks so much!
osualums  09/07/2018
This is a detailed font, but the downloadable "how to use" and "cheat sheet" files are fantastic! Thank you!!!
byjanam  autore di Paper Banner   05/11/2018
Aww thank you, too! :)
KerryB80  02/03/2019
Love this font and I'm trying to use it in photoshop elements 2019. I can't get alt+ "whatever" to work. Any ideas?
byjanam  autore di Paper Banner   26/04/2019
@KerryB80 Do you use Mac or Windows computer? Alt codes only work with Windows and only with a numeric keypad. For any other computer you can simply copy and paste the symbol you need. Hope that helps :)
nereeacrdn_  19/05/2020
congrats from spain for this good job! :)
byjanam  autore di Paper Banner   18/06/2020
@nereeacrdn_ Thank you!
paola rodas  16/07/2020
Hola quisiera saber como instalar los demas por que solo me aparece el paper banner sans y ligth
byjanam  autore di Paper Banner   17/08/2020
@paola rodas
Deberß instalar todas las fuentes individuales y luego podrß seleccionarlas en el men˙ desplegable.

(Sorry, I just used Google translator :D You need to install all font files and then you should be able to select the styles in the dropdown menu.)

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