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nicster no1  04/01/2013
BravoLime  09/05/2014
redkingcole  09/09/2014
Just what I needed, very nice
AthenEye  25/12/2015
The lower-case "t" isn't the same...
TheGamerBuddy  02/04/2016
Nice job! The only flaws are that the lowercase t and the uppercase G have some small errors.
LAndrewD  03/02/2017
Nice Job. But can you upscale it so it works well on HiDPi displays across multiple font sizes?
Domarius  04/07/2018
Thank you - so many pixel fonts don't bother to get the spacing between the characters consistent, or true to pixel at least. I've seen some with 1/4 of a pixel between each. Yours are all exactly one pixel apart!
Mushroomfonts  14/07/2018
Almost perfect font. The "t", "2", and "G" are not the same as in the original game.
zK7  21/12/2018
come on the big line thingy is wrong
Avalin  14/03/2019
All it needed is hiragana/katakana support to be perfect
Avalin  14/03/2019
And maybe bold support too...
Logan Roman  20/11/2021
This is bad, because the t, 2 and G are not the same. i'm not downloadin' that.
frostedsunshine  09/11/2023
It's good, but the actual name to the Minecraft font is "Mojangles."

just fyi

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