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nicster no1  04.01.2013
BravoLime  09.05.2014
redkingcole  09.09.2014
Just what I needed, very nice
AthenEye  25.12.2015
The lower-case "t" isn't the same...
TheGamerBuddy  02.04.2016
Nice job! The only flaws are that the lowercase t and the uppercase G have some small errors.
LAndrewD  03.02.2017
Nice Job. But can you upscale it so it works well on HiDPi displays across multiple font sizes?
Domarius  04.07.2018
Thank you - so many pixel fonts don't bother to get the spacing between the characters consistent, or true to pixel at least. I've seen some with 1/4 of a pixel between each. Yours are all exactly one pixel apart!
Mushroomfonts  14.07.2018
Almost perfect font. The "t", "2", and "G" are not the same as in the original game.
zK7  21.12.2018
come on the big line thingy is wrong
Avalin  14.03.2019
All it needed is hiragana/katakana support to be perfect
Avalin  14.03.2019
And maybe bold support too...
Logan Roman  20.11.2021
This is bad, because the t, 2 and G are not the same. i'm not downloadin' that.

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