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MRfrukta  22/02/2010
Прикольно :)
mgallashaw  02/03/2010
I Love this font, though the file I download keeps saying its corrupted and cant be extracted
billyargel  autore di Masterplan   02/03/2010
Causes for a bad or corrupt Zip file
verinha9  07/03/2010
merci bcp!
jonbg91  09/03/2010
I've tried downloading it from two different sites several times, the file's corrupt
billyargel  autore di Masterplan   09/03/2010
bad luck! maybe you need format the computer.
anreheth  09/03/2010
same here! file corrupted :-(
billyargel  autore di Masterplan   09/03/2010
fixed. now in OTF based font.
jonbg91  10/03/2010
it's not the font file itself it's the zip, neither winrar or stuffit can extract it
jonbg91  10/03/2010
you actually have a couple files with bad zips, and it's not my software cause I just opened two other fonts just fine...
billyargel  autore di Masterplan   10/03/2010
contact dafont webmaster, regards.
Andymoore426  18/03/2010
AMAZING font. Great Work!
Pi Luo  21/03/2010
what was the name of the base font used?
chadcwm  27/05/2010
I think it is based of Helvetica Ultra Compressed.
billyargel  autore di Masterplan   08/06/2010
chadcwm nope
Charles_R  05/12/2010
i want to pay to use this font. not for personal use. how may i go about doing this?
Alch3mist  17/07/2012
Would love to pay for this font as well. Can I send you a paypal payment for the license?
LeslieLow  04/12/2012
Can i purchase your fonts? pls do let me know how ya :) cheers
sholaf  05/12/2012
Hi Billy,
I got permission from your automated e-mail reply to use your fonts Master Plan and Body Hunter, but the printer says they are protected and cannot be used. Can I get hold of these fonts in a form that the printer can use? I'd hate to have to find other fonts to use instead! I love these! If necessary, BU can purchase them. My e-mail is below. Hope to hear from you soon!

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