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KaKa61  13/12/2007
Finally a bulgarian around here nice font :)
enviedsoul  16/12/2007
sweet stuff dude :)
neuroman  17/12/2007
Well, I'm a Bulgarian and I'm on dafont.com since veeeery long time :) Check my Red October as well as Neogrey Regular. Nazdrave
juldada  20/12/2007
very nice one, greetings from Paris. juldada
jamaisvu  autore di Jamaistevie   09/01/2008
yeah,thanks for comments,greetings from Botevgrad and me, too:)
nazdrave ;)
soaron  21/06/2008
gooood, gooood :)
vee is for violeta  30/11/2009
very nice font! would you be able to upload the same font but without the mess?
MelbourneChad  07/06/2015
I am interested in possibly using this font on an independent cd cover and am seeking permission to do so.

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