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Hawaii Killer

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prettyinpunk_93_  21/07/2007
Are any of your fonts that you've created free to download?
Sexii Bitch  23/07/2007
Bro diiZ 1 tiightzy az!!
breev9601  27/07/2007
jazziiii  29/07/2007
fukin sweet
chamor_14  22/08/2007
this is totally awesome:)
im new to this whole font thing..
how do u use them??
AR studio time  25/08/2007
yessss one of my favorites
Andrew2  autore di Hawaii Killer   27/08/2007
Thanks :D
stupid-crown  09/09/2007
It says 'This requires a password' when i try to upload. I dont understand is it my computer or can yu giv me the password??

Write back
Leanne x
grimxtc  21/09/2007
great font, destroyed version of Loki Cola
BatKat  10/10/2007
One of the coolest grungefonts I've seen, too bad my comp insists it's corrupted :/ A Mac thing perhaps?
wizzah  24/10/2007
luff it!
<3 wizzah
cassidy00  22/11/2007
is there anyway that i can get the html code
PawBadReligion  07/12/2007
Awesome =D
Jwildman  14/12/2007
This font is amazing I totally love it, but I get a msg saying this is a corrupted font. Is this just a Mac problem???
Andrew2  autore di Hawaii Killer   14/12/2007
Probably, I made it using photoshop and Font Creator... Using a windows XP computer :-/ Not sure how to make it Mac compatible.
hurt  23/12/2007
i don't get it...the name i mean, explain please
Andrew2  autore di Hawaii Killer   31/12/2007
Hawaii Killer, Hawaii because it has tropical sense to it with floral ornaments on it and Killer because it's grunge.. There's no racial thought or criminal intentions to the same. :)
Andrew2  autore di Hawaii Killer   31/12/2007
It's late, I meant to the 'Name' :D
Cristiina  26/01/2008
Ame esta font como a ninguna *O*! thankss!!!
prouve  05/02/2008
Great font, i love it. I'm searching the same font clean, without the damaged letters. Anyone can help me ?
Area52  10/02/2008
The clean version of the font is 'Loki Cola'. ;D
InkdUpPrincess  29/05/2008
Used it for my "Save the Date" magnets. Wedding theme is "death of the single life" lol this font is great thanks a bunch Andrew =D
Nerdsz908  29/06/2008
This isz so dope thank yu=P
gretta89  08/07/2008
SoFonty  03/09/2008
hey the author commenteD!!! i think its awesome
Cpr.Sparhelt  05/09/2008
Andrew2! How can you make dirty style with Font Creator
Cpr.Sparhelt  05/09/2008
Andrew2  autore di Hawaii Killer   12/09/2008
I use photoshop to "create" the fonts but font creator to make them "fonts" :) If that makes sense I am not sure but I am actually posting a blog about it right not on my website (
Cpr.Sparhelt  03/10/2008
henriette87  22/10/2008
Finally i found what I`ve been looking for...the perfect letters for my upcoming tatoo:) so thanks
KayeKaye  24/11/2008
Love it, but when downloading it said, "Serious validation problems strongly recommend not to use" What's the deal? Anyone else get that?

G4 Mac SO X 4.11
devinebible  07/04/2009
Love this font! What restrictions do you have on this for it not to be PDF'd. Can I purchase rights or something to use as in a PDF?
glassheart89  18/10/2009
is it okay if i use this font to use for a t-shirt design for a charity club?
here's my email:
speedster143  20/10/2009
is it free or do i need to pay for it?? rly want my last name wift that type
elokuaz  05/12/2009
Eroded>Fancy  26/06/2010
wow didnt no a font could be so mazin well done andrew!!! :D now what am i waiting 4 am gonna download it!
Eroded>Fancy  26/06/2010
just realisd i downloaded 112 fonts... O_o
bacondesign  12/10/2011
LOVE your font! I have created a photo book for my boyfriend from our trip to Hawaii and would love to use this font. Can I purchase the rights to use as a pdf to upload to Our anniversary is the end of October so I'm on a bit of a time crunch.

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