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Ghetto Marquee

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galdinootten  04/04/2010
Hey Man, it's a nice font!
13lah  16/04/2010
I CAN ONLY SAY: . . . :D
kirksucks  autore di Ghetto Marquee   17/04/2010
is that good?
LaurenRuth  19/04/2010
Looks just like the lettering of this ghetto theater downtown where some bands used to play... this font is awesome. And did I call it or what ehhhhhhhh?

btw :D is good. Its even better than :) it's an open mouth smile. Hooray! :D

Rawk on font man, rock on.
kimgirbin  22/04/2010
i love this font but it wont download. it says error. what is happening? i have mac
nagdesign  23/04/2010

I really like this font as well, but I'm receiving an error as well, and I don't have a mac.
kirksucks  autore di Ghetto Marquee   24/04/2010
there's 125,000 other people who downloaded it just fine. maybe check with dafont.
SMACBOY  26/04/2010
nagdesign  27/04/2010
Yay, it's working now. ^-^ Amazing font, I love it :)
emgirl1001  28/04/2010
oh my gosh amazing. For fun I typed up the title for the play im in and it looked amazing. I then erased the black and put everyone's faces in the letters it looks so awesome, its now my facebook profile :)
kirksucks  autore di Ghetto Marquee   28/04/2010
thanks everyone, glad you all like it. the popularity was unexpected. I just hope everyone is donating adequately for commercial uses.
paraboobizarre  02/05/2010
Love it! Oh I can already see the possibilities *rubs hands*
tioem  03/05/2010
Kirk Wrote "...I just hope everyone is donating adequately for commercial uses."

The internet is made up of scoundrels, thieves, pirates, and naked. I hope they're all paying you too though.
Matchboxx  30/05/2010
Very good looking font but continuously locks up my Photoshop CS4, and I have to force end the process from Task Manager to clear things up - first font I've seen that is >1 MB in size, but still...why does it lock up Photoshop? 1 MB is not that big a deal, this is a pretty new PC.
kirksucks  autore di Ghetto Marquee   02/06/2010
I'm running CS4, and it's a ton slower than CS3 for me. this font hasn't presented any issues tho.
Dawsn  04/07/2011
Can I use it in youtube videos?
mianakitty  09/10/2011
It's very good...
ivillare  05/04/2013
How can we contact you regarding rates for commercial use? Thank you.
kirksucks  autore di Ghetto Marquee   31/05/2013
here or email. kirk is cool at g mail

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