Blue Highway

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jlking3  23/05/2009
An awesome font, extremely readable at even small sizes.
myraa  27/04/2013
great job
marisabueno  15/01/2015
this is an Interstate rip off
typodermic  autore di Blue Highway   16/01/2015
It's based on a 1940's design:
True, when I made it in 1998, Interstate and a few other versions existed but I copied mine from the 1978 FHWA guide. There are about 30 fonts based on these designs.
Wender J  02/05/2016
Beautiful font! Can this be used for commercial use? Is there a fee? Please contact me at
typodermic  autore di Blue Highway   04/05/2016
Thank you. It's free for commercial use. Details inside the zip.  18/12/2016
thank you for letting me use this awesome font for commercial :-D
It's really simple but gorgeous. very impressive!

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