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Angel Tears

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JBantha  02/04/2010
thanks1 i'll made me a shirt on this font *_* just lovely! ^^
so bad it's missing all accents and so.
mtension  02/04/2010
Billy, this typeface is amazing, keep it up.
chopsoy  12/04/2010
im very impressed with this font :D great job *A*
13lah  15/04/2010
Ok, if I were a teacher, you were a student, and this were a grade on a test, I'd give you an A++++++++!!!!!!! LUV ITZ BILLY!
annaOMline  16/04/2010
Amazing script font, combines perfectly script forms with hand-drawn effect.

Thanks Billy for this brilliant font work!

julieta1  17/04/2010
gaaurav85  19/04/2010
hey billy can you make this font in true type because i wanna use this in an application and open type is not working there.

so plzzz
lucianamorin  21/04/2010
Amazing!!! Really great fontstyle.
Wich program do you use?
tiarag73  23/04/2010
this is so awrsome
ToBi Kaulitz  25/04/2010
...OMG!!!! Thank you,Billy,this is AWESOME!!!!!
More than words can say...I will use this font to make my first tattoo! <3<3<3<3

Best wishes,guys!
tinascott  27/04/2010
I am gonna use this font for tattoos on my feet. Sweet job!!!!!
lolitian  02/05/2010
I love it~~ Thank you!
Chaddslady  12/06/2010
Wow I love this font Thank you so much keep up the awesome work...
dwi_66tomo  08/10/2010
thank a lot bro... that was real AWESOME =>
MRfrukta  30/11/2010
StreetLingaz  11/02/2011
Beautiful font!
mazika  21/02/2011
ninjaton  15/07/2011
Very angelic :)
powlina  23/01/2012
hello everybody!
I don't understand, I've a problem with this typo (which I love!)
I can't print, even vectorized, I have a message that tells me she will not be built because it has licensing restrictions ....
Please! Can someone help me??

Thanks a lot...
isa0304  12/09/2012
Love it!!!! But I need the accents. Can you please add them? Love it anyways! :)
Utente cancellato 608966  28/11/2012
Love this font. In places where I need punctuation, I get the Billy Argel trademark and in CS 5, I see the word "trial". Is there a final version?

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