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agustinluisbou92  07/10/2009
Please add accents for Western Europe languages.
Stefan Vanli  autore di Airport   12/10/2009
Hi Agustin.

I'll try to make the accents as soon as I can, but now I'm really busy with my preparation for university exams, and I have not much time :(.

Anyway, if I won't find time to make the accents soon, I'll make them in the end of november (yeah - late, but it's better than never).
Burfast  31/10/2009
Hi Stefan;
Well, I'm coming to ask the same for Spanish language, but as I see, you're so busy right now, so I'll wait for that and come back in November.
MRfrukta  14/02/2010
Хорошенький! :)
я скачаю, с вашего позволения.... :)
Alexander Stepanets  23/03/2010
Do you allow to use this font on sites ( I mean @font-face )?

P.S. Anyway - nice font, thank you! :)
Stefan Vanli  autore di Airport   24/03/2010
@Alexander Stepanets
Yeah, sure :). Just send me an e-mail with the link to the site and that's all.

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