A Bug's Life

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201093  09/02/2007
me gusto
x__carla  15/03/2007
nose como se acen estas cosas
DAi-DAi  12/01/2008
pabootcampstaff  19/05/2008
This font says it downloads for MAC, but DOESN'T! WHY IS THAT?! If that is the case then you guys should REMOVE that it "does load for mac OS X"
LUCi2  23/07/2009
j'aime <3
Bouledefeuu  19/01/2010
Je n'aime pas..
markspencer  28/06/2011
Beautiful Font! Just like a movie! :) But have to think twice before using this font, as this can not be useful in all kinda projects..
visualdetours  08/07/2011
For consisting of bugs, this did turn out quite nice : )
matiasromero  13/01/2012
Chriscrossman  27/06/2013
Hey! I Would like to use this font for a commercial purpose. Is that ok for you? Please email me at chriscrossman1983@gmx.de

Chriscrossman  23/07/2013
Hi! could you please email me because of a commercial purpose?

Thank you
samitche  01/02/2016
Is this font available for commercial use?
Tocapic  10/02/2017
Puis-je utiliser la police d'écriture pour un affichage public d'information pour les espaces verts de la commune ? Merci
Hello is this font available for commercial use?
spireg21dew  11/12/2018
I love this font
mommawags3  19/04/2019
license information, please? I want to use for a few products to sell. Thank you.

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