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25/10/2021 à 03:07  [réponse]  Font ID please

Police identifiée : Terror Babble

25/10/2021 à 02:56  [réponse]  ROBLOX Logo (Not Mario Font)

Working link and verified with CataArchive. The font in the logo is indeed Cublox, as previously suggested.

Police suggérée : Cublox  (Déjà suggérée ici)

20/10/2021 à 04:05  [réponse]  Whats the font?

Police identifiée : The Akrage

Police identifiée : Otomanopee One

18/10/2021 à 05:26  [réponse]  Korean Font

Police suggérée : Sandoll MiSaeng

16/10/2021 à 17:35  [réponse]  Font name pls :)

It's called Happy New Year by Julia Dreams. Unfortunately she no longer appears to sell it as a stand-alone font.

You could attempt to contact her for it.

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16/10/2021 à 04:30  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Police suggérée : Solid70

If it is an actual Japanese font, it's the first time I've seen it.
My best bet is that it's simply a stylized logo for the Japanese market.

13/10/2021 à 16:36  [réponse]  Bloody Headache

Back again. Just had time to check, and although I did have the one that was suggested, it's a mere recreation of the original type.

The font I'm looking for was indeed used for the title of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".

However it's being passed around, since several characters of it were also used for the title of "Bloody Hell".

Again, I know I have the original font used in both of those cases, but the name of it still evades me. Any additional help will be much appreciated.

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13/10/2021 à 04:44  [réponse]  "EXATAMENTE AGORA"

Police identifiée : Babapro

13/10/2021 à 04:25  [réponse]  Font name

I couldn't find an exact match for the "Ã", but chances are they may have modified it for originality.

Police suggérée : Dessau Geometrik

It's called "Stahls' Varsity Medium", but it's an exclusive font owned by Stahl' Inc and not (legally) available to the public.

Police identifiée : Stahls' Varsity

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13/10/2021 à 03:41  [réponse]  Help a teacher!

The "I" doesn't match, mind you. It appears to be a seperate font, but hard to identify.

Police suggérée : HFF Pessoas Lindas

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13/10/2021 à 03:23  [réponse]  Bloody Headache

Yes, thank you!

12/10/2021 à 18:22  [post initial]  Bloody Headache

Does anyone recognize this one? I'm certain I have it somewhere among my "unsorted" dump-rectory, but I can't for the life of me remember the name.

Thanks in advance.

12/10/2021 à 14:09  [réponse]  Ikigai's font?

Either Series A or Series B.

Police suggérée : Knockout

12/10/2021 à 14:03  [réponse]  Fuente

Not sure if this is an actual font.

Judging by the mutilated "B", the awkwardness of the "S", and the combination of both serif and sans-serif... it's more or less a Frankenstein's creature of characters.


12/10/2021 à 13:53  [réponse]  font..?

Police suggérée : Early Edition

12/10/2021 à 13:48  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Franklin Gothic Condensed

Police identifiée : The Historia

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