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Foreign glyphs not showing in wordpad

22/03/2011 à 15:14

For some reason, my fonts don't show foreign characters in wordpad. I created all accents, but only western european ones are showing, not the Turkish or Baltic ones.
What am I doing wrong???

I am on a mac, but the problem occurs in Windows wordpad.
It happens with ALL of my fonts

22/03/2011 à 16:32

If you use Tahoma font, did you can look the Turkish letters with wordpad ?

22/03/2011 à 16:43

yep, Tahoma shows the Turkish alright....

22/03/2011 à 20:05

Oh.... and they don't show up in Preview panel as well (Fontlab Studio)...
It really bugs me and I don't know what causes it. I am sure I forgot something, but what??

Any help greatly appreciated!!!

23/03/2011 à 19:38

Have you included the Turkish codepage (and other codepages your fonts support) in the font info?
(Encoding and Unicode + Unicode ranges)

23/03/2011 à 20:41

do you think that's it???

I didn't include those, only the latin and mac roman ones...

I did actually think about it and tried one, but the diacritics still didn't show up in preview inside fontlab...

23/03/2011 à 20:57

Could be two separate issues:
1) When you preview text in the kerning panel in FontLab you have to have the font window as Unicode (not Codepages or Names) - otherwise the text you type in the string field will be all goobledegook...
2) I think including the codepages in the info/header will solve the Windows/Microsoft/WordPad issue...

23/03/2011 à 21:09

Actually, (in FontLab) typing anyting outside the Latin-1 character set will not work - you will have to use the unicode values and/or the glyph names. Just mark the glyphs in the font window and then open the kerning window and you will see how the text needs to be formatted...

23/03/2011 à 21:23

Here's a turkish pangram - formatted for FontLab:
/Scedilla i/scedilla li'de büyük çöp y/dotlessi /gbreve /dotlessi nlar/dotlessi

23/03/2011 à 22:47

;-)))))))) Roger, you are the best!!!!

Thank you sooooo much, I will try this out a.s.a.p.!!!

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